Step 10: How To Stay In The Sugar Babies Dating Game

Staying In The Sugar Babies Dating Game

Now that you’ve had a taste of the sugar babies dating lifestyle, you want to stay in the game! How do you keep yourself in the sugar babies dating world? We’ve got some ideas to help you out. You don’t want to give up the life of luxury that you’ve just gotten into, so that’s why we’ve come up with some guaranteed methods that you can use to always have a sugar daddy to fallback on. You should always be thinking and planning ahead, beyond your current sugar daddy, to make sure that you aren’t caught off-guard when your sugar baby relationship with that particular sugar daddy comes to an end.

Maintaining a sugar babies dating lifestyle involved a little bit more than just having a sugar daddy – you have to stay in touch in with other sugar babies as well. This final step in our sugar babies dating guide is about how to stay a sugar baby for as long as you want to, even long-term. As long as you have the desire to have a sugar daddy, you can now have the know-how to stay in the sugar babies dating game as well. We cover all of the bases of remaining a sugar baby – from keeping an eye out for potential future sugar daddies, to networking with other sugar babies to keep up to date on the current sugar babies dating scene.

Keep A Profile On Sugar Babies Dating Sites

Keep A Profile On Sugar Babies Dating Sites

The best way to keep yourself in the sugar babies dating game is to keep a profile on sugar baby dating sites. It doesn’t matter how many you use, as long as you have at least one on a sugar dating site, you’re good to go! Sugar baby dating sites are the most popular way that sugar couples are connecting these days, so as long as you have a profile on one of them, you’re basically guaranteed to meet a sugar daddy. The more sugar babies dating sites that you use, however, the better your odds of finding sugar daddies, so keep that in mind when you’re creating your profiles.

One important part of having a sugar babies dating profile is keeping it up to date. Even if you’ve a sugar daddy for a year, you should keep updating your photos and information on your sugar baby profile. This keeps it current, and keeps you on the market for the future. You may not need a sugar daddy at the moment, but you will again eventually, so keep yourself eligible by keeping your sugar babies dating profile relevant. It’s perfectly acceptable to include the fact that you have a current sugar daddy and are keeping your options open for the future. The more honest and transparent you are, the better you look to a potential sugar daddy, and the more likely that he’ll save your profile for future reference!

The best thing about the better sugar baby dating sites is that sugar babies don’t have to pay to be members, so having a long-term profile on these sites won’t cost you a dime. You can have it up for as long you want to be a sugar baby, and access it whenever you need to. Updating it doesn’t cost you anything either. But you want to stick to the parameters of the site to avoid being charged any fees. Having a certain number of photos is free, but exceeding that number could cost you. If you want to add more photos but are at your limit of free ones, delete some older pictures in favor of the new ones. It keeps your profile as current as possible, and shows sugar daddies who visit it that you use the site still.

Hanging Out In Sugar Daddy Hot Spots

Hanging Out In Sugar Daddy Hot Spots

You should have a pretty good idea by now where the sugar daddies are offline, so use that knowledge and make those spots regulars for you. Have some of your sugar daddy dates in these places, so that you can casually scope out the other potential future sugar daddies in the room. The more you can be seen being a sugar baby, the clearer it will be to other sugar daddies that you’re into it, and fair game for future sugar babies dating. If you’re in a sugar relationship where you both agree to date other sugar babies and sugar daddies, then always be looking for your other sugar daddy. You always want to have options, so that you can fallback on someone should one of your sugar babies dating arrangements end.

Upscale places like hotel bars make great low-key places to have a few drinks, so they naturally make great places for you to be spending time. Go for drinks with a girlfriend or other sugar baby and check out who the eligible sugar daddies are. Make people aware that you’re a sugar baby who’s always looking for her next sugar daddy, and you’ll be talked about within sugar daddy circles – which works to your advantage big time. If sugar daddies are already talking about you and how you make a great sugar baby, then you don’t have to look very hard when you become single and eligible again. More than likely, these sugar daddies will come to you when the time is right! Get a good sugar baby reputation in these hot spots and reap the future sugar daddies dating benefits.

When you’re hanging out in these high density sugar daddy locations, avoid any bad behavior at all costs. Never get wasted at these establishments. It’s a bad look and sends a terrible message about your behaviour. The worst thing you could do would be to get removed by security from a place where a lot of sugar daddies are watching, so control your alcohol intake when you’re there. Know your limits and switch to water as soon as you feel yourself crossing them. It not only keeps your in control of yourself, but it keeps you aware of your surroundings. You want to be able to remember what’s going on and comprehend any and all situations that you’re in, for your own safety and best interests! Keep the booze to a minimum until you’re home or with the girls somewhere else.

Network With Other Sugar Babies

Network With Other Sugar Babies

Keep in touch with other sugar babies so that you stay up to date on the most current sugar babies dating news. Know who you can make a move on, and who’s taken and unavailable. Networking with other sugar babies works to your advantage in other ways too – they can get the word out to potential sugar daddies that you’re looking. They talk to a lot of men, and if you’ve been out of the sugar babies dating game as a single sugar baby for a while, they can point you in the right direction. They know who’s looking and who to avoid, and this is info that you want to know. They can also tell their sugar daddies that you’re looking, and have them spread the word to their wealthy buddies as well. If a sugar daddy recommends a sugar baby to another sugar daddy, it’s as good as gold, so you’d be practically guaranteed to have a sugar daddy within the week if you go this route.

Getting and staying with touch with other sugar babies is good for camaraderie’s sake as well – there’s a reason that social media networks have sugar baby communities. You can trade tips and tricks on sugar babies dating, makeup styles and whatever else you might want to talk about. It’s great to have other women in a similar lifestyle to connect with because you might not necessarily be able to talk about it with your friends and family. Maybe they don’t know that you’re a sugar baby, or they just don’t understand, but you need to have someone to talk to about the lifestyle, so other sugar babies make great friends for this reason.

There’s a real sense of community within the sugar babies dating circle, so getting into that will be extremely beneficial to you for a variety of reasons. You’ll have like-minded girlfriends who you can talk to about your sugar baby troubles, girls who can get word out for you that you need a new sugar daddy, and a network of women who will have your back if you need them to. Feeling secure and supported in what you’re doing is important for anyone, and if you can’t get that from your friends and family, you can most definitely find it in other sugar babies.

Plan Your Next Sugar Babies Dating Move

Plan Your Next Sugar Babies Dating Move

Always be planning ahead for your sugar babies dating future, because sugar daddy relationship don’t last forever. One of the more appealing things about this kind of arrangement is that it’s temporary, and everyone benefits during the time that’s it’s on. But once that sugar daddy relationship is over, what do you do next? You don’t want to find yourself without a sugar daddy and without income, so you better plan ahead for what your next move will be. If you’ve been keeping your eye out during your sugar daddy relationship, then you should have an idea of which sugar daddies are currently looking for a sugar baby. Approach these men and make yourself available to be their next sugar baby.

Saving some of your sugar babies dating income is important too, because if you do find yourself without a sugar daddy right away, you’ll have to be able to get by. You don’t want to have to get a job, so put a portion of your sugar baby allowances into your savings for future needs. You’ll need to be able to pay your bills, rent and buy food, so you have to plan for the time in between sugar daddies, just in case. You may be able to find one right after your current sugar daddy relationship ends, but don’t assume that’s what’s going to happen. It’s better the have some money in the bank in case you need to take care of your own finances for a while.

Saving a decent amount of money is easy and won’t cut into your spending money if you do it smartly. Every time your sugar daddy gives you some money, put a small portion of it away into your savings account – or wherever you keep your cash savings. It leaves you with money to buy what you want and what you need, and slowly build up a small nest egg in case you need in sometime in the future. Don’t put too much away at once, because small bits at a time really do add up!

Be Willing To Date Men You Normally Wouldn’t

Be Willing To Date Men You Normally Wouldn't

If you want to remain a sugar baby beyond your prime sugar baby years, you need to make a few changes in how you look at potential sugar daddies. Broaden your desired sugar daddy in general, and you’ll have no problem always finding one to suit your needs. Maybe in the past, you wouldn’t date a sugar daddy that was balding or not overtly attractive, but you have to be willing to do so once you get a little bit older, and don’t have immediate connections with these more traditionally desirable sugar daddies. Keep in mind that older sugar daddies tend to be wealthier, so opening your mind and being willing to date much older sugar daddies really will end up being a huge benefit. The main thing that makes a sugar daddy desirable, remember, is his money, not his looks, so don’t worry too much if you’re getting responses from mostly older (richer!) men. It’s actually a really good thing!

Expand your horizons and open your mind as well, which is something we go into further in this article. If you want to stay in the sugar babies dating scene, especially if you’re getting a bit older, you need to be willing to do thing that your younger sugar baby self might not have been ok with. It doesn’t have to be too scandalous or anything bad, but you may not be in a position to be overly picky at this point in your sugar babies dating life. Depending on what kind of sugar baby lifestyle you want, and how far you’re willing to go, there’s always a way to keep a sugar daddy in your life. Funding your ideal sugar baby lifestyle requires work sometimes, but it’s always worth it!

Consider Making Sex Part Of The Equation

Consider Making Sex Part Of The Equation

You may not have wanted to make sex part of your sugar dating relationship before, but if you’re willing to change your mind, you might find that you have a lot more responses from potential sugar daddies of all kinds. It’s definitely not a requirement, but your sugar daddy options tend to be more in numbers and in money. The sugar babies who have a constant string of sugar daddies are most likely the ones that are open to a lot, including sex, because it satisfies what a lot of sugar daddies are missing. A lot of men get into sugar baby dating because they’re missing something, or they want some spice in their otherwise boring lives, and what better way to do that then to get it on with a hot young lady?

Sugar baby dating relationships are benefits for both of you, and for you that comes in financial terms. For a sugar daddy, though, money is obviously not a concern. They might be single and lacking sex, or they might be married and equally sexually frustrated, and you, as a sugar baby, can help him with that issues – but only if you’re willing to. It can be just as enjoyable for you, especially if you have an attractive sugar daddy! You doubly benefit in this situation, because you get the material things that you want, and you get to stay sexually satisfied, so you really can’t lose.

Sex with a sugar daddy can be a really fun part of your relationship because you can both explore fantasies and hidden desires without fear or judgement. It’s not either of your places to judge the other, which is mutually understood, so you just get to enjoy! This is a unique situation so take advantage of it if you can. Do whatever you’re comfortable with, as long as it works for you!

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