How To Entice Him To You: Sugar Baby Dating Tips

Step 7: Sugar Baby Dating Tips To Draw A Sugar Daddy To You

The most important aspect to being a sugar baby is having a sugar daddy – you can’t be a sugar baby without one! That being said, you have you figure out exactly how you’re going to get one. Attracting a sugar daddy definitely requires some know-how so we’ve got a list of sugar baby dating tips to help you snag the best possible sugar daddy! The first step is deciding what kind of sugar daddy you want, and then you can choose what you want to do to attract that sugar daddy.

You have a lot of options when it comes to attracting sugar daddies, and we don’t just mean the men themselves. There are a bunch of different sugar baby dating tips that will help you get a sugar daddy, it just depends on the specifics of what kind of man you’re looking for. It also helps to determine what you’re willing to do in order to get that sugar daddy before you go out looking for one – it helps you avoid an unwanted surprises by making these decisions ahead of time. The sugar baby dating tips that we’ve compiled are tried and true methods that other sugar babies have used to get their sugar daddies, so you know that they work!

By no means do you have to do everything on this list of sugar baby dating tips, but pick and choose which ones you’d like to do. Have fun with it too, don’t take it all too seriously! Sugar baby dating is as much about enjoying yourself as it is about benefitting financially, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to get a sugar daddy – it’s one of the tips that we have! It’s one of the key things that you’re going to have to do if you really want to meet sugar daddies, so prepare yourself for the adventure. Jump in head first to sugar baby dating with some of these sugar baby dating tips.

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Always Look Your Best

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Always Look Your Best

An extremely important part of attracting a sugar daddy, and of being a sugar baby in general, is looking your best at all times when you’re out and about. Sugar baby is not synonymous with sloppy appearance, so if you want to entice a sugar daddy to you, you need to look the part. We have some specific sugar baby dating tips about that.

A sugar baby needs to have styled and nice looking hair but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune in time and money to do it. It can be as simple as straightening your hair to look sleek and smooth, or curling it at home, but you need to put some effort into aside from throwing it up into a bun. Save the comfort for when you’re home and relaxing, but when you’re out being a sugar baby trying to attract a sugar daddy, you should look like you care about how your hair looks. A nice hairstyle goes a long way for someone’s appearance overall, so don’t underestimate how much it does matter to do your hair when you want to get a sugar daddy.

Again, you don’t need to go nuts with the makeup, but definitely wear at least a simple amount. The natural look is great, but you want to achieve that with makeup – bare faced is ok for a boyfriend but a sugar daddy is not your boyfriend. You have to look stellar, and the better you look, the better your chances are of attracting a sugar daddy.

Looks play a huge part in the lives of sugar babies, so invest in some quality cosmetics that are good with your skin so you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing it. Avoid overdoing it though – it never looks good when you have so much foundation that it creates makeup wrinkles. Keep it simpler but elegant. The idea is to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it behind a bunch of cosmetics. Wearing too much makeup can actually make you look older, which is definitely not something you want as a hot young sugar baby!

Part of looking great is what you wear, so put some thought into the outfits you’re choosing when you go out looking for a sugar daddy. One of the best sugar baby dating tips that we can give is to aim for sexy elegance when you’re deciding what to wear to attract a sugar daddy. When you’re trying to attract a sugar daddy, try and avoid jeans as much as you can, at least until you have a sugar daddy of your own. Nice pants and top, a skirt, or a dress is preferable, because it sends a message about what you’re about. If you take the time to wear something other than throwing on a pair of jeans, you’re interested in looking presentable and not too casual. The places that you’ll go to meet sugar daddies will usually have some-what of a dress-code, and jeans are never part of it!

Skin And Nails
Your skin and nails are important parts of your appearance, but they also show a little bit more about you than you might realize. Having healthy looking skin and nails shows that you yourself are healthy and taking care of yourself, which is something that any sugar daddy likes to see. Showing up to a sugar daddy date with nail polish chipped and nails bitten isn’t going to impress anyone, so do a mini-manicure at home before you go. Use quality skincare products as well to bring out the healthy glow. What you eat effects your skin too so the better your personal lifestyle is, the more it will show.

Sugar daddies aren’t looking for sugar babies to fix up, they want a hot young woman to share their wealth with, so don’t look like you’re in need of a makeover. You won’t find a sugar daddy looking less than great.

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Be Somebody People Want To Be Around

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Be Somebody People Want To Be Around

Behave and act like somebody that people want to be around, not somebody who’s “meh”. If you really want to attract a sugar daddy to you, then one of our sugar baby dating tips is to be your awesome self times two! Be a fun loving, friendly and open person – people naturally are attracted to these personalities. Even if you’re a shy person you can be one of these types just by smiling and taking part in the conversation.

Mainly, you don’t want to have a resting bitch face at any point in time, because it’ll make you look unapproachable. Being approachable is the best, and frankly the only, way that you’re going to entice potential sugar daddies to come to you. Your body language plays a massive role here so be aware of that. Avoid any closed off positioning of yourself – don’t cross your arms or tap your feet impatiently. It makes you look cold, like you don’t want to be bothered, and like you’re waiting until you’re allowed to leave. You never want to send the message that you’d rather be anywhere else if you’re trying to get a sugar daddy to come to you.

Everybody knows someone who naturally has this kind of aura and personality, so take a note from them and copy their style. Act how they do and you’ll see how positive your responses are; people like connecting with friendly and approachable people, and that doesn’t change in sugar baby dating. Be the person that you would want to hang out with, and avoid acting like the people you try to avoid.

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Try Sugar Baby Dating Sites

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Try Sugar Baby Dating Sites

Of all of the sugar baby dating tips, this one might be the most helpful to you. Sugar dating sites are the most popular way for sugar babies and sugar daddies to connect because it’s so easy and convenient. These sites do most of the grunt work for you, by vetting the sugar daddy members so that actual rich men are certified and verified as such. Online dating in general is huge, and there’s a reason that it is. Meeting people online takes away any stress and anxiety about making initial contact, so if you are more on the shy side, you might really benefit from using these.

You can attract sugar daddies on sugar baby dating sites by having a killer profile, which isn’t too hard. You just want to have great quality photos that show off your looks as well as your personality. Don’t shy away from showing who you really are! On the other hand, if you plan on getting into sugar baby dating as a persona, then make sure it’s one that’s inviting and positive. This is not the time to test your acting chops – no surly or bitchy characters. Make sure that your sugar baby character persona is one that people will like to be around, and you’ll get good results.

One of the better things about using sugar baby dating sites is that it’s usually free. If you’re going out to meet these men in bars and restaurants, you’re going to end up spending some money on drinks or food, at least until your potential sugar daddy saunters over to you. But in online sugar baby dating, the sites offer memberships to sugar babies completely free! So you’re in a place that sugar daddies and sugar babies are already in, for all the same reasons, which makes connecting so much easier. You don’t have to wonder if they might be into it – you already know that they are because they joined a sugar baby dating site!

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Go Where The Sugar Daddies Are

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Go Where The Sugar Daddies Are

Attracting sugar daddies is a lot easier when you’re where they are, so one of our sugar baby dating tips is to find out where that is and seek them out! A potential sugar daddy really could be anywhere, but if you go to places where they tend to hang out as a group, your odds of snagging one of your own are that much better. Some of the more popular locations to find potential sugar daddies are the following:

Hotel bars
A hotel bar is a super classy place, so it’s not wonder that sugar daddies stop in for a drink or two after work. This is a great place to hang out and attract potential sugar daddies, because they’re there to let loose and socialize, so when they see you they’ll be more likely to come and say hello. The odds are more in your favor as well, because they typically come with other men, who could be sugar daddy material, so you have some choices here.

It’s a good place to meet married sugar daddies, as well, because they may be in these hotel bars meeting mistresses or sugar babies already. Hotel bars are usually for the people staying at the hotel, but in the more upscale and high class hotels, anyone can come and drink. It’s a place of understood discretion, so it’s a hotbed of married men looking for hot young women. Scope the room and take note of the types of people you’re seeing, and whether or not any of them would truly make a good sugar daddy for you.

Upscale restaurants
Rich men enjoy fine dining and the luxurious things in life, so you’ll never see them in a chain restaurant. One of our sugar baby dating tips suggests that you do some sleuthing and find out which restaurants in your area are frequented by the wealthier men around. You can entice him to you by sitting nearby and acting hella sexy and mysterious, sneaking glances but make sure he catches your eye so you can give him a little inviting smile.

Cocktail bars
A cocktail bar is a pretty classy and more upscale place to get drinks, and is the place that a lot of sugar daddies will go if they aren’t fans of hotel bars. The main rule for you, and one of the more important sugar baby dating tips, is to never get drunk when you’re trying to entice a sugar daddy. A wasted girl is never an attractive one, so if you’re trying to get sugar daddies interested in you, control your drinking. It’s perfectly okay to have a few drinks, but definitely know your limit when it comes to finding sugar daddies in a cocktail bar. That limit isn’t when you’re too drunk, it’s before you there – you want to be able to hold a coherent conversation and stand up on your own.

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Talk To Them

Sugar Baby Dating Tips: Talk To Them

As far as sugar baby dating tips go, conversation is one that often gets overlooked. While your appearance and how you present yourself is super important, it’s equally as important to be able to have a conversation with a potential sugar daddy. Impress them with your worldly knowledge or whatever topic of interest he brings up, but talking to and getting to know your sugar daddy is going to be part of your sugar baby relationship, so if you can’t talk to him, he won’t make a very good sugar daddy.

Don’t underestimate how important the ability to have a conversation really is, especially in sugar baby dating. If we can offer any beneficial sugar baby dating tips, one of the more important ones would be to brush up on your rapport skills. You don’t want to be the only one carrying the conversation, but you also don’t want to feel awkward or at a loss of words if you don’t know how to respond. These kinds of skills are incredibly valuable, both in life and in sugar baby dating.

Talking to potential sugar daddies is good too because you get to know them and what they’re looking for in a sugar baby, which you can then use to your advantage. Find out what he likes and then do those things – he won’t be able to resist you as his sugar baby! You don’t have to be a master of conversation, but you want to be comfortable talking and getting to know the potential sugar daddy that you’re meeting. A social butterfly is always an attractive sugar baby, so work your magic!

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