Taking The Rich Old Men Dating Site Offline

Step 9: Taking The Rich Old Men Dating Site Offline: Planning Your First Date

From Step 1: What Are Rich Men Dating Sites And Why Should You Join Them? to Step 8: Stay Safe And Avoid Dating Sites Rich Men Scams you have been expanding your knowledge of the rich old men dating site world. You have learned about what a rich old men dating site is, why different people choose to join a rich old men dating site, how to pick the best rich old men dating site for you, where you can find rich old men dating site reviews, how to can be successful on your old men dating site, how to create the perfect rich old men dating site profile, how to avoid rich old men dating site scams, and so much more. But now? Now it is time to take your education from online to offline.

This step in GF4Hire.com’s Guide To Rich Men Dating Sites will teach our how to take your online rich old men dating site connection and turn it into an offline first date.

How To Take The Rich Old Men Dating Site From Online To Offline

Exploring the world of the rich old men dating site can be both exciting and thrilling, but do not forget that your ultimate goal lies in the outside world. The whole point of joining a rich old men dating site in the first place is that you want to find a rich man that you can have in real life, right? Make sure you are keeping that goal in mind! There are several steps involved when you are thinking about taking your rich old men dating site connection from an online conversation to an offline, in-person, bonafide first date. From Step #1 through Step #5, there are several key elements that you need to touch on and/or accomplish in order to move your sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship from online to offline. We will walk you through each step below and let you know exactly what it is that you need to do to be successful.

Step #1: Start Some Conversations

The first step in taking your rich old men dating site experience from online to offline is to start conversations and make connections! You can’t plan a first date without meeting someone to go on the first date with beforehand, so this really is the crucial first step. Do what you joined the rich old men dating site to do in the first place and meet the rich men around you! In past steps of our guide, we have given you plenty of conversation tips and tricks, so now is the time to put them into action. Once you have started a few different conversations with some potential sugar daddies of your choice you will find that you have a wealth of options to move forward with. Now, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step #2: Choose A Rich Old Man

The second step in taking your rich old men dating site experience from online to offline is to look at the conversations you have started and decide which rich old man is worth a first date. You can base this decision on anything you want, but we suggest that you consider a number of things before taking the plunge and moving on to the next step. Do you consider this man to be one of the hotter rich old men dating site members? Are you interested in him, physically? Do looks not really matter to you as long as the man you choose has money? Does the man you choose need to have a certain amount of money if he looks a certain way? Did you have a good conversation via the rich old men dating site? Did you get along well and speak easily to one another? Does he have the personality requirements that you deserve? These are all things to consider before you make your decision.

Step #3: Suggest A Meeting

Once you have chosen someone to reach out to, the third step in taking your rich old men dating site experience from online to offline is to suggest a meeting. You do not need to lock down a place for your first date, a time for your first date, or even an activity for your first date yet. Right now, all you need to do is reach out to your chosen rich old man and see if he would be interested in meeting up with you in real life. If you have read the situation correctly, then you should have no problem getting a ‘yes’ out of the man you are messaging. Once you get that confirmation from him you can move on to the next step and make your first date plans.

Step #4: Make Concrete Plans

Now that you and your potential new man have agreed to meet up in person for a first date, the fourth step in taking your rich old men dating site experience from online to offline is to make concrete first date plans. This is the step where you should discuss on which dates and at which times you both have free time to spare, as well as where you should go and what you should do on your very first date. These kinds of communications are exactly what the rich old men dating site is for, so really get in there and hammer out the fine details of your first offline time together. Once you have locked down all of your exact first date plans, you can move on to our next and final step.

Step #5: Head Out On Your First Date!

This is your last and final step in taking your rich old men dating site experience from online to offline! There is nothing left to do now but take the plans you made in the last step and move forward with executing them with precision. Did you decided on a local upscale restaurant at 8:00 PM next Tuesday? Sweet! Do not forget to wear your nicest cocktail dress and be sure to be ready for your new sugar daddy to pick you up at least a half hour before he arrives, just to be safe. Did you make plans to catch a Broadway show before hitting the club that he owns? Great! Wear something that says sophisticated that can always easily say sexy beast later on (maybe try something with removable layers) and get ready to dance! No matter what you chose as your first date, keep in mind that the offline experience is much different than the online rich men dating site experience, so don’t be afraid to go with your gut!

The Best Rich Old Men First Date Ideas

Your first date from a rich men dating site can really be anything that you and your potential new sugar daddy want it to be! However, if you found yourself getting a little stuck as you tried to make your way through the “Make Concrete Plans” step above, we have some suggestions for you. If you are a little new to the whole online dating scene, here in this section we will give you some advice and some first date ideas that can give you the little kick start that you need to be get off your rich men dating site and have a successful real world date.

Some Good Advice: Always Let Him Lead

The men you meet on these kinds of sites are the kind of men who want women to be their “good little girl”. We do not mean that in a creepy, child-like way, but simply that they like their women to be easy to handle, well behaved, and ready to do as they are told (for the most part). So, when you are considering an offline date with someone you have connected with on a rich old men dating site, keep in mind that they will most likely be pleased with you if you are game for whatever first date he suggests. Considering, also, that he will be the one paying for the date, it really is only fair that he be able to choose the event or activity that you are going to participate in on your first date together. If you are invested in making the best first impression possible, then trust us when we tell you this advice: let him lead.

Rich Old Men First Date Idea #1: A Nice Meal

Depending on who you are, you will either find this first date suggestion incredibly boring or simple and classic. A dinner for two is the go-to first date suggestion for any two people looking to connect, not just those meeting on a rich old men dating site. The difference, of course, is that with the men you are meeting you will be able to afford more expensive restaurants and have access to more exclusive dining experiences. Even if you find the idea of a first date dinner to be boring, there is no denying that you can’t really go wrong with some good food, some good wine, and some good company. There are a few different ways that you can spice up this first date idea though, if you feel like it is not enough. Have you ever experienced a chef’s choice tasting menu? It can be anywhere from five to ten food courses, all completely curated and cooked by the chef, that can offer you the chance to eat a lot of new and interesting food. Have you ever been to a wine (or other kind of alcohol) tasting? They are all the rage right now and you can find a lot of high-class restaurants that offer food pairings to go with the tasting. Have you ever been to a black out restaurant? You eat all your food in complete darkness! These are the kind of experiences that your new date can both access and afford and are a lot more interesting than your standard dinner date.

Rich Old Men First Date Idea #2: A Gala Or Benefit

There is nothing more fancy schmancy than a gala or a benefit, so if you enjoy getting dressed up and being fancy for a night, this first date idea might be the best one for you! Ask your rich old man date if he has any galas or benefits coming up that you could attend with him, or ask him if he could look into getting tickets to one. Since you have been spending sitting around at home on your rich old men dating site, having a first date that is a good excuse to get thoroughly dolled up can be an excellent chance of pace. Galas generally have some form of performance or entertainment, as well, so if you were imagining it as a room full of stuffy, boring, old people… think again! Benefit events are generally about raising money and good will for an organization, so they are all good times and smiling people who are there to kiss your ass in hopes that they might see some of your date’s riches.

Rich Old Men First Date Idea #3: A Shopping Spree

What good are potential sugar daddies for if not to take you on shopping dates, right? If you are looking to test the waters straight off the bat, a shopping spree first date is a great firs date suggestion. If your date goes along with the idea happily, then you know you have hit the jackpot in finding a rich old man who will support you. You can always entice him further by suggesting a spot at your favorite lingerie store. This idea is easy to work into other ideas as well. For example, say that while you are using your rich old men dating site to discuss your date plans and you settle on dinner, you could suggest going shopping beforehand in order to pick out a nice cocktail dress. If you settle on a weekend getaway, you could suggest going shopping beforehand for a bathing suit or a warm jacket or variety of shoes, depending on where you have decided to go for the weekend.

Rich Old Men First Date Idea #4: An Adventurous Or Active Activity

Rock climbing. Cross-country skiing. Sky diving. Horseback riding. A round of golf. These are all ideas for a great first time date off of a stuffy online rich men dating site if you are into being active and adventurous. If there is an activity that you already love, or perhaps even one you have been dying to try out, why not take a chance and see if your new sugar daddy is into it too!

Rich Old Men First Date Idea #5: An Exotic Getaway

Who says that a first date should only last a few hours? We say get out there and make your first date a whole weekend-long exotic getaway vacation! After all the hard work you have done, spending so much time online trying to meet the perfect man on a rich old men dating site, we think that you deserve a little vacation… don’t you agree? If you are the kind of person who likes to be spontaneous and adventurous, this is the perfect first date idea for someone using a rich old men dating site. Any ol’ suitor can take you out for dinner, but this first date idea is one that you can really only do with a rich old man. Plus, with the extra time together, this first date is really the best one for getting to know each other. Unfortunately, there is always the chance that you will end up regretting that if you find yourself deciding that this man is not for you within the first few hours of the weekend.

What’s Next?

Can you believe it?! Now that you are finished with Step #9, you only have one step left in our whole, entire Guide To Rich Men Dating Sites! You have come so far and now there is just one more, teeny-tiny, important step left. In our next step, Step 10: How To Stay Off Free Rich Men Dating Sites And Keep The Man You’ve Got, you will learn what you can do to ensure that the sugar daddy you have hooked will stay with you for as long as you want so that you can stay off that rich old men dating site for good! You want to stay in the sugar baby dating game for as long as you can so you can get the most out of your experience with rich men—make sure you pay attention to this next step so that you can do exactly just that. Click here to get moving on your next and final step!


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