How To Stay Off Free Rich Men Dating Sites

Step 10: How To Stay Off Free Rich Men Dating Sites And Keep The Man You’ve Got

In our last step, we made sure to get you fully prepared for your first rich man date. But, what now? What about that second date? What about that third date? What about the future? Once you find the rich man of your dreams you need to learn how to keep him coming back to you and only you. Keeping your sugar daddy around for good is really what being successful on free rich men dating sites is all about, right? Right. So, here in this step, we are here to teach you how to do just that. In this step of’s Guide To Rich Men Dating Sites, we will teach you how to get off free rich men dating sites and keep your rich man for good. Keeping yourself in the rich men dating game involves making sure that you are (and continue to be) the ideal woman for your rich man. Below, we will give you the best tips we have for being the perfect woman for your sugar daddy.

Tips For Maintaining Your Rich Man Relationship

If you are looking to keep your sugar daddy and not head back to free rich men dating sites, there are two very important areas to pay attention to. The first (and probably most important) thing you need to do is keep looking as good as (or better than) when you first met your rich man. The second thing you need to do is maintain your personal relationship with your man by keeping him happy. If you can master those two things, you will have no problem staying off free rich men dating sites and keeping the rich man you have!

How To Keep Up Your Looks

Keeping up your looks can be one of the most important things to pay attention to when it comes to ensuring that your rich man wants to keep you by his side. Rich men want beautiful women. And not only that, but they want beautiful women who stay looking beautiful. If you can’t keep up with their expectations, then you could easily find yourself back on free rich men dating sites. Below, we will give you tips on how to keep up your looks when it comes to hair and nails, makeup and beauty, and body and fashion.

Hair & Nails

Hair & Nails

Having exquisite hair and nails are essential in keeping up your looks. You want to make sure you are taking proper care of both and keeping them the way that your rich man likes them. A rich man wants a woman who knows how to keep her hair and nails beautiful, sophisticated, and healthy, so do not let this tips pass you by.

  • Make Regular Hair Appointments: Having regular hair care appointments are something that you should be doing as a bare minimum. You need to make sure you are keeping your hair healthy and trimmed and that you are keeping any color you have refreshed and vibrant.
  • Make Regular Nail Appointments: Just like with your hair, you should really have regular nail care appointments. You need to make sure your nails are always trimmed and shaped nicely and that you are keeping any gels or acrylics fresh and filled. If you have an event to attend, you may also want to consider getting your nail color done to compliment the outfit you will be wearing.
  • Stay Up To Date On Latest Hair & Nail Trends: Chances are your man isn’t going to be a fan if you look like your hair and nails came straight out of the ’60s. Keep an eye on the hottest hair and nail trends by looking at online blogs and fashion magazines, and by asking your hair stylist and nail technician.
  • Manage Your Image To His Expectations: What we mean by that is that you want to make sure that what you look like aligns with what your rich man wants his woman to look like. For example, if your man mentions that he is into brunettes and you are a blonde, you could consider dying your hair! If he mentions that he likes a woman with sleek hair that he can run this fingers through, then you may want to consider investing in a flat iron or even just going to get your hair blown out and straightened more often. If you can match your looks to what your man really wants then you should find yourself safe from returning to free rich men dating sites.

Makeup & Beauty

Makeup & Beauty

The second part of your looks that we want to focus on is makeup and beauty. Having a solid makeup and beauty regimen is very important to keeping up your looks. If you don’t want to go back to using free rich men dating sites, then you better make sure you have all of the follow tips checked off so you can continue to rock the looks that your rich man wants to keep around.

  • Invest In Quality Makeup Supplies: No man wants a woman whose makeup starts melting of halfway through the day! Go out of your way to invest in professional, high quality makeup products and supplies so that you will look like a photo-ready celeb 24/7! Don’t forget that now that you have a rich man on your side, he can foot the bill for all your new, more expensive makeup swag. Oh, and if you are not already skilled in the art of makeup application, try getting help from a local artist, boutique, or at the very least some good online tutorials.
  • Invest In Quality Skin Care Products: You may not think a whole lot about skin care products right now in your life, but we promise you that it is the most important part of your beauty routine in the long run. Take some of your sugar daddy’s funds and go out and get yourself the best products available for your skin. Just so you know: the two most important products are moisturizer and sunscreen!
  • Do Not Be Afraid To Get The Beauty Spa Treatments You Deserve: Facials, body wraps, mud baths, exfoliation… do not be afraid to get your rich man to pay for some spa days. A lot of spa treatments are great for relaxation, but just as many are crucial to beauty, so even though you may feel like you are spoiling yourself, you can rest easy knowing that it is money well spent on your looks.
  • Consider Plastic Surgery, If Necessary:This is also one that you should confer with your sugar daddy on, because most rich guys are very particular when it comes to their women and there is a chance that one of his deal breakers is surgical enhancements. On the other hand, many rich men are more than happy to help their sugar baby out and foot the bill for any adjustments that are needed or wanted. You know that nose job you have always wanted to get but couldn’t afford it? Now is your chance!

Body & Fashion

Body & Fashion

The final area we want to cover regarding your looks is body and fashion. A woman who lets herself go or starts dressing frumpy and unfashionable is not a woman that a rich man is going to keep around for very long, so if you want to keep your man and stay off free rich men dating sites, you better pay attention!

  • Do Not Slack On Your Exercise Routine: You want to keep your body as slim, taut, and toned as it was when you first met your rich man. If you let yourself go and get saggy, chubby, or overweight, you are not going to continue to be a prize in your man’s eyes.
  • Emphasize Healthy Eating: Eating healthy goes hand in hand with proper exercise. You want to eat healthy foods in order to help you stay fit.
  • Keep Up With The Newest Fashion Trends: You want to remain trendy and stylish all year round, so make sure that you are keeping an eye on each season’s newest fashion trends and buying the pieces that will look the most flattering and eye-catching.
  • Do Not Wear Clothes That Are Out Of Season: Just as with the above point, you want to keep an eye on which trends and styles are “out of season” so that you are not wearing the wrong items at the wrong time of the year. If you find your closet getting too full of clothes, consider donating anything that is no longer in style.

How To Keep Your Rich Man Happy

How To Keep Your Rich Man Happy

Once you have your looks on track, you need to shift your focus to the rich man you are with. Even the best looking sugar baby can lose their rich man relationship and end up back on free rich men dating sites if they are not careful about keeping their man happy. Fortunately, a man’s happiness with a woman is pretty easy to navigate. There are only a few different areas that you really need to pay attention to and we have listed those in this section below.

Give Him The Attention (And The Space) That He Needs

Rich men need a balance of attention and space just like any man does. If you give him too much attention, you can come off as annoying, needy, clingy, or worse. If you give him to much space, you can come off as cold, uninviting, distant, and other things like that. Doing either one could get your a one-way ticket back to the free rich men dating sites you were using before. You need to be able to gauge how much your man wants you around and what degree of attention he wants during different situations. Giving him the attention and the space that he wants is very important to keeping your rich man happy.

Keep Up With His Hobbies And Interests

Rich men want women who take up an interest in the things that they like. Why? Well, first of all, the main reason that they are with you in the first place is so that they can have the company of a beautiful woman added to their life. Rich men want a woman who they can take anywhere and who they can hang out with. They do not want a woman who will just hang around wallowing in disinterest. Second of all, it also does not help a rich man’s ego much if the woman they are with thinks their interests and hobbies are lame or boring. If you can’t make it a priority to show interest for your sugar daddy’s interests, then you better get ready to be back on free rich men dating sites sooner rather than later.

Maintain Your Physical Relationship

Yes, it is true that not all of the relationships that start on free rich men dating sites involve a physical (aka sexual) component. However, if you do not have this kind of relationship, it is likely that your rich man agreed to it begrudgingly. We are not going to sit here and pretend that any man on Earth is going to choose a non-sexual relationship over a sexual one. So: since most sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships do, in fact, have a sexual component to them, we think this is an important tip to include. If you start out your relationship with a lot of touching, teasing, and sexual activity between you and your sugar daddy, you can be sure that he is not going to be overly pleased if you start to cut out some of that action out or seem to be less physically interested in him. These rich men always feel like women are only interested in them for their money (especially when they meet them on free rich men dating sites) so it is important to make sure that he knows you are interested in him and his body. If physical relationships are not properly maintained, most rich men will start to look for a replacement sugar baby.

Do Not Worry If You Are Not Looking For A Long-Term Arrangement

Do Not Worry If You Are Not Looking For A Long-Term Arrangement

If you are not looking for a long-term arrangement, that is okay, too. In fact, it may even better. Most sugar daddies are more than happy to conduct a short-term courting or to maintain a casual relationship with you. These men are only human, after all, and as human men who also have money… well, let’s just say that most of them are not exactly accustomed to the whole long-term monogamous relationship thing anyway. The simple act of letting your man know what your intentions are and what you are looking for up front will make all the difference. Make sure that your free rich men dating sites profile includes information that expresses your disinterest in a long-term relationship. Ensure that you talk about your expectations on your first date. If you do these things, then you should never find yourself in a position where you are hooked up with a rich man who is looking for something long term when you are just looking for a little fling with some extra bling.

What’s Next?

Well, at this point, it all depends exactly how you have followed our Guide To Rich Men Dating Sites. If you have been following along with the guide action by action, then you should already find yourself with a perfect rich man! All you have to do now is continue to move forward using the tips you find here in this article and you will be able to keep your rich man for a long time to come. If, however, your plan was to read through this guide in its entirety before doing anything else (which is what we suggest!), then the move you have now is to take the action we have been training you for: find and join the perfect rich men dating site.

With all the information you gathered in this guide, you are now officially ready to take on the world of rich men dating sites.You know how to find the best free rich men dating sites. You know how to create the perfect profile and use the best profile photos to win over any potential sugar daddy. You know how to use all the features of free rich men dating sites to your advantage so that you can succeed. You know everything you need to know about free rich men dating sites! So, what are you waiting for? Find your rich men dating site now!


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