Crafting A Perfect Dating Site Rich Men Profile

Step 7: Crafting A Perfect Dating Site Rich Men Profile

Now that you have reached Step #7, you really are closing in on the home stretch of our Guide To Rich Men Dating Sites! Making it through six other steps so far is something to be proud of and we hope you are patting yourself on the back. If you have missed any of the previous steps, that’s okay! Simply head back and pick up where you left off! Assuming you are all caught up though, there’s not much more to go now, so why don’t we get started?

So, here’s what we want to know now: Do you want to create a killer dating site rich men profile that will get you the rich man you have been dreaming about? GF4Hire can help you do just that! If you have created an online dating site profile in the past, you may already have some kind of idea about what a rich men dating site profile will require. However, even if you are completely new to the world of online dating sites, we will give you the best tips and tricks for creating a top notch dating site rich men profile. Read on to find out more!

The Perfect Dating Site Rich Men Username

The Perfect Dating Site Rich Men Username

Other than your profile photo, your username is the first thing that dating site rich men see when they come across your profile.You want to make sure that it conveys a sense of who you are, but at the same time you do not want to too go too far in any one direction (too cutesy, too aggressive, too slutty, etc.) that may being off-putting to the wealthy man seeing it. You really need to put in the time and effort to think of a suitable username to use online in order to find the best dating site rich men matches. Oh, and we think it goes without saying, but… do not make your username golddigger4000, miss_money_bags, or IOnlyThinkOfCash69. You are smarter than that, come on.

Use Something They Can Pronounce

When choosing your dating site rich men profile username, make sure that it is something that is pronounceable. You know, so nothing like 287_hUxh, or cpKKxxoo, or . Those are just nonsense letters and numbers strung together with no thought whatsoever. Having a username like this not only frustrates the man looking at it (as he cannot make head or tails of what it is supposed to be or what he is supposed to address you as), but it automatically labels you as uncreative (because you could not think of anything that made just a sliver of sense). When you are looking for a sugar daddy or wealthy man to start a relationship with online, you need to capture his attention right away, but not with confusion.

Have Some Class

When choosing your dating site rich men profile username, you should also make sure that you show some class. This means that you should not have a username like naughtyslut69, or EATMYASS_01, or bl0wi3qu33n.Dating site rich men are not interested in a woman who is lewd, crude, or nasty. Sure, they may want you to be those things in the bedroom, but online is a whole different story. Just stick with a rich men dating site username that is simple, straightforward, and that can maybe even tell the men looking at it a little something about you. Try your best to keep your mind out of the gutter and to have some class it comes to selecting your username—you will have plenty of time for dirty talk later!

The Perfect Dating Site Rich Men Profile Photos

The Perfect Dating Site Rich Men Profile Photos

Choosing the best profile photos possible is by far the hardest part of creating a rich men dating site profile… but, it does not have to be. A lot of women just do not know what wealthy men are looking for when they browse through the profiles of women on rich men dating sites. Luckily, in this section we have several tips for you to follow in order to choose the profile photos that will help you to become a successful member of rich men dating sites. Dating site rich men look at your profile photo before anything else, so having a good profile photo or a bad profile photo can mean the difference between meeting the rich man of your dreams and becoming a failure in the world of dating site rich men.

Find Your Best Angle

Most women have already found their “angle” or their “best side” long ago, but if you are one of the ones who has not, then here’s what you can do to remedy that. Get a friend to come over and help you snap a few photos and then look at them and assess which one makes you look the best. When you are taking the photos, make sure to get at least nine: looking right and up, looking right and straight ahead, looking right and down, looking left and up, looking left and straight ahead, looking left and down, looking straight up, looking straight at the camera, and looking straight down. It is even better if you can get more in between those but those cover the basics at least.

Use The Best Lighting

Dating site rich men need to be able to see what you look like, so having good lighting in your profile photos in imperative. If you have a photo that is too dark or dim, the dating site rich men will not be able to tell what you look like. If you have a photo that is too bright or overexposed, the dating site rich men will not be able to tell what you look like. You may think that your profile photos are creative and arty and edgy and cool—and that’s all well and good—but, none of that matters when your potential sugar daddy skips by your profile because he can’t tell if you are beautiful or look like a troll. The best advice we can give you is to use natural light. Photos taken outdoors often give the most accurate portrayal of the subject and have the most flattering light.

Upload Multiple Photos

It is important to upload multiple profile photos for a number of reasons. As we have said before, men are very visual creatures and dating site rich men are even more so. It may sound harsh, but in the world of rich men dating sites, looks are important. Dating site rich men will browse through dozens of profiles and judge them only by their photos. Every sugar daddy has his own preferences, however, so this isn’t to say that any woman of a certain race, size, age, etc. would be excluded… it just depends on what that particular rich man is into. Anyway, the more photos you have, the more complete vision of you will be formed in the minds of the dating site rich men who browse your profile. The more you can get into their heads like that, the better chance you have of becoming irresistible to them, getting them to contact you, reeling them in, and making them your sugar daddy.

Show Off Your Personality

Since many dating site rich men will judge your profile on your photos alone, you should do your best to show off your looks as well as your personality. Your potential sugar daddy may never take the time to read through the written part of your profile so you have to inject your profile photos with all the personality pizzazz that you have! If you are sophisticated and elegant, show that off. Include a photo of you at your latest snazzy event, dressed to the nines. If you are goofy and fun-loving, show that off. Perhaps your could upload a silly photo of you and your dog. If you are adventurous and athletic, shows that off. Give him that shot of you jumping out of a plane, crossing a marathon finish line, or hiking in an exotic place. All of these things show him to kind of person that you are and the kind of things you are interested in.

Be Seductive, Not Slutty

If you are the kind of girl who likes to plaster pictures of her hoohah all over the internet, you can also bet that you will not be the kind of girl that a rich man wants to have on his arm at galas and on vacation. Dating site rich men want to see women who can
them—women who hold some mystery and some intrigue. They do not want women who the whole internet has seen naked. They want you to be their special prize. They want someone that is fresh, innocent, and that will make other mean fill with envy. So, when you are choosing photos to upload to your dating site rich men profile, aim for a sultry seductress look. You want to show a little skin, sure, but you do not want to expose your nipples or any of your genitals.

Don’t Include Other People In Your Photos

When you are selecting your dating site rich men profile photos, one thing you never want to do is use photos with other people in them. You may think that photos with your family show you as caring and respectful, or that photos with your friends make you look fun and outgoing, but you have to consider what it looks like to a stranger who is seeing these photos for the first time without knowing anything about you. When a wealthy man is looking for a woman online, he wants to see her—not her best friend or her mom or her hair stylist. He should be able to tell straight away who you are and what you look like. If you have a photo with more than one woman in the photo, how is he supposed to know which one is you? And worse yet! What if he is actually hoping that you are the other woman in the photo?! And what about photos with men? Trying to think about what your relationship is to the other person in your photo can cause these men to be confused or have anxiety. That photo with your cousin? To him it looks like you have a photo with a man who could be an ex-boyfriend or a friend with benefits or an old fling. It can leave a bad taste in his mouth and instead of investigating further, he will just move on to the next candidate. Just keep it simple and only use photos of yourself on your dating site rich men profile!

The Perfect Dating Site Rich Profile Content

The Perfect Dating Site Rich Profile Content

Crafting the perfect content for your rich men dating site profile is not a task that you should take lightly. If your profile photos are the thing that lure dating site rich men in, then your profile content is the thing that hooks them. You need to fill your profile with the kind of words and information that will convince a potential sugar daddy that you are worth contacting. Follow our tips in the section below, because any one of these things can make or break you.

Sell Yourself

When working on your profile for dating sites for rich men, you have to keep in mind that—just like with a resume—you are selling yourself. Not literally, obviously. We are not going to send you to any mail-order bride sites or anything like that. But, remember: the profile that you create on dating sites for rich men is meant to show off everything about you that makes the incredible woman that rich men are looking for. You want to make the male members of these dating sites for rich men know exactly what they will be getting out of connecting with you. You want to let them know exactly why you are the perfect catch and the best woman they are going to find online. Think about what men are looking for on dating sites for rich men and then consider which of your own qualities would be best to highlight.

Don’t Use Clichés

I like long walks on the beach and a good conversation. I love curling up with a glass of red wine and some television. I’m a gym rat. People tend to notice my eyes before anything else. My friends would say that I am fun and caring to be around. My family is the most important thing in my life. I’m new at this. I am very down to earth. I’m bubbly. I’m easy-going. I love to have fun. I don’t really know what to say about myself. If you are planning on using any of these in your rich men dating site profile, think again. While some of these statement may well be true, they are still online dating site clichés and any man that takes a glimpse at your profile is quickly going to bed bored and move on.

Pay Attention To Proper Spelling and Grammar

Dating site rich men have worked hard to get where they are today and the one thing you can bet on is that they didn’t get there by using spelling mistakes and bad grammar. You may scoff at this one, but we are telling you this in all seriousness. Rich men hold their women to a higher standard and they are not going to go after a woman who puts “i am the flyest gurrl in town and u will def want to meet dis” in their profile when there are other women writing full, coherent sentences on theirs. When you write your dating site rich men profile content, consider running it through a spell checker and getting a friend or two to proofread it before you actually post it online. It may seem like a minor detail for you, but we promise you that it can make a huge difference.

What’s Next?

Now that you have got your dating site rich men profile perfected and ready to go, it is time to move on to our next step: Step 8: Stay Safe And Avoid Dating Sites Rich Men Scams. In this step in’s Guide To Rich Men Dating Sites will show you the ins and out of dating site rich men scams as well as how you can spot a scam, avoid a scam, and choose a rich men dating site that is not a scam itself.

With only two more steps to go, you are just a few bounds away from that finish line—the finish line that will reward you with the title of rich men dating site master. Head on to our next step and get even closer to the end! Let’s go!


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