seeking-arrangement A Crummy Sugar Daddy Experience!


Protect Yourself By Steering Clear Of!

Protect Yourself By Steering Clear Of! provides sugar babies with an overall crummy dating experience. The sugar daddies are brutal and are on the verge of being stalkers! This isn’t the site to find rich older men to take care of you. Instead, you will find men who are complete creeps that won’t leave you alone. That is to say that you actually get one of two things with, there is either the creepy stalker type of guy or the guys who are clearly FAKE that the site has used and made up to get you to join and become a member. This entire experience has been a complete let down from the very beginning. I will give the site props for one thing, it was easy to sign up and create my profile, but it wasn’t easy to actually secure a real man for an actual date. I also thought that my membership would be completely free, but that wasn’t the case at all. Sure, it was free to initially sign up, but to be able to do anything with your membership you have to pay for the premium membership. This is the only way that you can actually contact any available sugar daddies that you may find.

What To Expect

I made a promise to myself right from the start that I would try SEEKINGARRANGEMENT.COM out for 3 months to be sure to give it a real shot.
Have a look at my stats for these months:
137 messages sent
17 responses
3 messages received
4 dates
1 hookup

Negative Features Of

THE FREE PART IS NOT COMPLETELY TRUE: Yes, the site is free to join, but to be able to do anything on the site you have to pay for a membership. This is the only way that you will actually be able to find sugar daddies that are a perfect match for you. Only with a paid membership can you send and receive messages and actually connect with anyone.

TOO MANY SUGAR BABIES NOT ENOUGH SUGAR DADDIES: has far too many sugar babies on the site and not nearly enough sugar daddies on the site and then to boot, half of them are either fakes or scammers.

THE GUYS ARE CHEAP!: Although says that the site is for sugar babies seeking rich older men, (a.k.a. sugar daddies) who are going to take care of them. The men that I found here are not rich at all. They are needy and creepy and don’t know how to take a hint when you tell them you are not interested in them. I was looking to date a few sugar daddies to help me get caught up on some bills and maybe shower me with a few expensive gifts or trips. This is not what I found at all.

Is It Worth It?

There were so few REAL sugar daddies on the site. Most of the men are not rich at all and in fact, they are just not worth your valuable time or even the money you’ll pay for your membership. It’s difficult to wade through all of the fake profiles and those that say they have money to find the one or two guys who are a match for you and are the real deal. Then it usually turns out that these guys are either cheap as f@#$ or clingy, which is not what any sugar baby is looking for in a sugar daddy. It’s clear from my results that is not the site to use if you are looking to actually have successful dates with rich older men. My advice is to check out some helpful reviews at: GF4Hire Reviews. It should be obvious that after the 3 months, I canceled my membership and am grateful that I didn’t waste any more of my money or time with such a terrible site like this one.