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8.5 Review: Should You Date Sugar Daddies? Review: Should You Date Sugar Daddies? is THE best sugar daddy dating site! Sexy young sugar babies are in high demand by rich men who want to spoil their lady rotten today! has made it easier than you could imagine, finding the best sugar daddies out there for you! This site doesn’t just match you up with anyone, your matches are the best ones you’ll find out there for you! makes it easy to sign up and become a member. Creating a profile only takes a few minutes, all you need to do is answer a few questions and explain what kind of sugar daddy arrangement you’re looking for and then add a picture or two of yourself. Once you get going, you will be shocked at how easy the site is to navigate and all of the features that you get with your free all access membership.

My First Impressions Of

1. There all kinds of sugar daddies out there for you to choose from. They are older, younger, travellers, homebodies, all ethnic backgrounds, adventurous, relationship seekers and those who are just looking for short term fun!

2. The sugar daddies that you will find on PAYFOROURDATES.COM are legit. They are REAL. They are RICH. And they are HONEST. These men are easy going and straightforward. They are not into playing games with you or your emotions. They will treat you like gold, spend tons of money on you, adore you, pay your bills and show you what it’s really like to live life like a queen.

3. makes it easy for you to find the sugar daddy of your choice. It’s easy to search for rich men that are going to meet your immediate needs by location, age, relationship expectations, likes and so much more. Essentially the ball is in your court when you set out to meet your man (or men), you get to lay the ground rules for what you want and then go after exactly that.

4. There are tons of sexy rich men who are eager to take care of a sugar baby the way that she deserves to be taken care of. is easy and straightforward to use to find the best sugar daddy for you. The site is completely user-friendly, even for those of you that are not great with computers. All of the sugar daddies on have been verified. This means that the men on the site have had to prove their ages, their wealth, and their identity. All of this is done to make sure that the sugar babies that are using the site feel at ease and safe when they are using the site to find the men that they are looking for. This is THE Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy dating site of all sites where you will find men who will give you everything you could ever dream of! These sugar daddies will show you what a true dream date is all about. There are men who want long term, lasting relationships, they’ll pay your bills or give you a spending allowance and they will also show you what it’s like to have the BEST sex of your life to boot!

Results After 3 Months On

Results After 3 Months On
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To say that I was happy with my results after using for 3 months is an understatement! I just may have been the happiest girl EVER! I have never had so much fun in my life as I did the 3 months that I was a member of the site. I do need, to be honest here though and tell you that I was actually only an active member for just a little over two months because I found the perfect sugar daddy match for me. All of the men that I went out with before I met my perfect guy were simply amazing! I was shocked by how generous all of the sugar daddies that I went out with were. It was so refreshing to go out to dinner with men who were actually interested in me and not distracted by their phones or other people around us. We had great times, phenomenal food at the best restaurants in town, and the best conversations. It was great to have men actually listen to what I was saying and not just pretending to be present with the expectation of getting laid at the end of our date. Before my time was up, I stumbled upon the best sugar daddy out there who really has treated me like his queen!

What Worked For Me:

When I decided to sign up for, I wanted to be sure that I did as much as I could to make sure that I met sugar daddies who were perfect for me. When I first thought about joining, I made a list of what it was that I REALLY wanted in a sugar daddy and what it was that would be nice to have a sugar daddy and then I set out to find all of the things on my list. I also realized that this was not the forum for me to be shy, and that if there was someone that I was interested in, I would need to make the first move. If I found someone who I was interested in, I didn’t wait for him to message me first. Instead, I sent him a message right away and let him know that I was interested in him. I found that this worked out for me 99 percent of the time because the sugar daddies really appreciated that I knew what I wanted and that I went for it. They also appreciated it because it was clear that I wasn’t into playing games right from the start.

The other thing that really worked in my favor was being honest and upfront from the get go. I always told the sugar daddies that I met exactly what it was that I was looking for and what it was that I wanted out of our relationship. I told them that I wasn’t willing to accept anything less than what I wanted and it paid off BIG TIME! I’m convinced that this is what led me to be able to find the perfect match for me and in the end, he was the one who stole my heart.

I was always willing to try new things and take risks. If someone wanted to take me out to do something that I’ve never done before, I was totally up for it. I went sky-diving for the first time because of this, flew in a helicopter for the first time and also got to travel around Asia for 3 weeks. I wouldn’t have had these chances if I was playing it safe and wasn’t willing to really live my life. Taking risks with someone that you’re interested in dating is fun and exciting and makes the risk feel less like a risk and more like an adventure!

The Best Features Of

There are so many great features on PAYFOROURDATES.COM that helped me to really find what it was that I was looking for. The best features on the site are:

1. Free Memberships For Sugar Babies: The site has free memberships for all sugar babies (women or men), which means I didn’t have to pay a cent to find sugar daddies to date. All I had to do was create my profile and then I was able to start finding sugar daddies who I was interested in dating. This was a plus because it meant that I didn’t have to worry about forking over a ton of cash to try out a site and worry about whether or not it was going to work out for me or not.

2. Perfect Matching Algorithm: When you create your profile, you answer questions that help to steer you towards the best matches for you. This was great because there are so many members that it would have taken forever to find my matches. Instead, the best possible matches were sent right to my inbox and they were PERFECT for me! I have no clue how they set up these algorithms, but the person behind them is a genius!

3. Favorites: What better way to find all of the men I had found while searching than adding them to my Favorities. This made it easy for me to go back and look through the men that I was really interested in and decide who to message next to see if they would be interested in taking me out on a date. This was great because at the beginning I was overwhelmed with just how big the membership was and wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to keep track of all the men I might want to date. Again, another way that is superior to all the other dating sites out there.

Tips For Using

Tips For Using
Remember that sugar daddy dating should be fun! There was so much bad advice that I came across when I first set out to date sugar daddies, but I think that the one good piece of advice that I did come across was this: It’s important to always remember that dating should be fun no matter what. You shouldn’t feel any pressure to do anything that you don’t want to. You also should never feel stressed out by dating, NOT EVER! Always take things easy and don’t over analyze anything, just enjoy the ride! There are a ton of sugar daddies who are looking to find a girl who wants to have fun first and foremost. Sugar daddy dating should never be stressful. Let’s be real here, you’ve got nothing to lose, so why not give it your all? It’s about time that you think about you first and really start having the time of your life. Having fun is the key to going on the best dates you’ve ever been on.

Check For Matches Often! It would suck if you missed out on the PERFECT sugar daddy because you forgot to log into your account for a few days. In fact, why not just have the email notifications sent right to your phone so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on a single thing? This would ensure that you stay completely connected with your potential sugar daddies no matter what it is that you’re doing or what time of day it is.

Use The App! Why not take the time to download the app onto your cell phone? This is even better than having the emails sent directly to your phone or you can do both and then you are sure not to ever miss a thing! With the app, you will have instant access to your profile, your matches, and the entire site no matter where you are. also has a location search feature so you can easily (and quickly) find a sugar daddy no matter where you are. It was definitely worth the download, whenever i had a few spare minutes, I was able to check to see who had messaged me or I could even send a quick message with the hopes of setting up a date for later that night.

Be Real! There is nothing worse in the world than people who are fake and that couldn’t be more true than when you are looking for someone to date. The best thing that you can do for your own dating life is to BE YOU! Fake people are the worst and make for boring dates, lots of lies and in the end, fake people end up alone and lonely. Don’t be one of these people! There are thousands of sugar daddies on, so don’t worry if one or two of them don’t like you because you’re being honest. It’s better to find out before you spend any time pursuing him (or he spends any time pursuing you) than ending up on a date and find that it is just terrible because you felt like you had to pretend to be someone that you weren’t.

What I Didn’t Like About

I have to say it again, I was really impressed with and everything that it has to offer, but I will tell you that when I first started to use the site, I was a bit irritated that my matches didn’t seem spot on for me. So, I went back to my profile and added a bit more personal information about myself, likes and dislikes and also what age range of men I was looking for and then within a few minutes my matches were not only better, they were right on the mark for me! Before I could get to my inbox to check it out to see if I had any new messages, I had already received 3 new matches and I actually ended up going on dates with 2 of these suggested sugar daddies for me.


I strongly urge anyone who is thinking of giving sugar daddy dating a try to check out The site is the best one out there by far and it actually cares if its members are successful and happy with their results. It’s clear right from the second you get to the site that there has been a lot of work put into making it a good one! It has truly been one of the best, if not the best experiences of my life so far and I couldn’t be happier with my results! I found a perfect sugar daddy for me and I also met a lot of other great men along the way. Once you sign up, you will see that there’s no reason for you to belong to any other sugar daddy dating site out there, that this is THE ONE for you! This site will change you forever in the best way possible. So stop waiting for the perfect sugar daddy to fall in your lap, put yourself out there on PAYFOROURDATES.COM and really start having the time of your life now! There’s no reason for you to waste another minute thinking about it, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and really start having some fun!