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9.3 Review: Outstanding Sugar Daddy Dating

millionaire-match offers OUTSTANDING sugar daddy dating. You get instant success with exceptional rich men who are ready to spoil you rotten today. To say that I’ve had the best 3 months of my life is a huge understatement, and I have had a pretty amazing life! Sure I was leery in the beginning about what sugar daddy dating would look like, but I figured I might as well give it a try, I mean, what did I have to lose? I set out to have some fun and meet some men who would enter into an agreement with me to help me out financially by paying for some of my outstanding bills. I was in awe by my results! It was obvious from the moment I joined that there has been a lot of work into putting the site together. It’s clear right away that this is an impressive sugar daddy / sugar baby dating site where REAL connections are made.

There are two main reasons that is a top of the line sugar daddy dating site. The first reason is that the site is put together well and is constantly being updated so that it is always running smoothly. The other reason that real connections are made on the site is because all of the sugar daddies are verified first before they are allowed to have an active and live profile.

My Impressions Of

1. You receive immediate connections. I had already received messages by the time I finished my profile, posted it and looked over the published version of it to be sure it looked and said what I wanted it to say.

2. There is no game playing by the sugar daddies who are on the site. This is huge for me and one of the reasons I’m done dating men my own age. I want a man who is honest and trustworthy from the start and that’s exactly the kind of guy you’ll find on It was exhilarating to find men who I could actually be myself with and not have to pretend to be someone that I wasn’t.

3. I wasn’t sure what to expect before since I was new to dating older men, but with all of my failures dating guys my own age, I knew that this was something that I was really interested in trying out. The best part was how easy the entire process is made for you by

4. It was easy to sign up and create a profile with It only took about 10 minutes and I really liked that once I created my profile I could sign on with my facebook account every time after

Online dating can be an overwhelming experience no matter what the site is but MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM has made it far less stressful. It has
been exciting and fun ever time I sign on, chat with a new sugar daddy or go out with a sugar daddy that I’ve met on the site. There are so many older men who are looking for a young sugar baby like myself and they are from all kinds of backgrounds and from all over the world! I found that the men on the site were friendly gentlemen who were yearning to meet a sugar baby like myself. They want to spoil you, take
care of you and show you a good time. The financial arrangement that we make for my sugar daddy to help me out by paying my bills and giving me a monthly spending allowance is an added bonus for me. I can’t say enough good things about my entire experience on MillionaireMatch and how happy I am with myself for taking the risk and diving right in!

Results After 3 Months On For 3 Months:

Sent 85 messages
Received 73 responses
99 Messages Received
15 Dates

Let me tell you this right now, is THE sugar daddy dating site to find a man that is perfect for you! The 15 dates that I went on kept me very busy over the 3 months that I was a member. The last date that I went on resulted in a longer short-term affair that made everything that I’ve experienced in the past SO worth it. I could have gone on so many more dates, but when I went out with
date number 15 we had so much in common and got along so well that we started to see each other more exclusively and we actually ended up spending all of our spare time together. What you do need to know is that it’s true, the sugar daddies from the site will spoil you rotten. You will be given gifts, spending money, taken on once in a lifetime trips, have your bills paid and some will even offer to bail you out of debt (if you have any). I was spoiled by several of the men that I met and with their help I have managed to rent a nicer apartment, pay off my credit card and go back to school. I can’t get over how easy it was to find REAL sugar daddies who weren’t just pretending to have a ton of money and who were sincere guys who were looking for companionship and relationships.

What Worked For Me

Make First Contact: If I found a man who I was attracted to and liked what I saw in his profile, then I would send him a direct message immediately. I didn’t want to wait to see if he would message me because I didn’t want someone to snag him first. I’m not one to beat around the bush, so I would ALWAYS tell a potential sugar daddy exactly what it was that I was looking for in him and if he was cool
with my requests, then I would see if he was interested in meeting for a drink or dinner. When we went out the first time, I would lay out exactly what it is that I expect from our relationship and make a verbal agreement.

Let Him Be In Charge: I’ve found that it’s important for sugar daddies to be in charge and that’s completely okay with me, I actually prefer it. I leave all of the planning up to him. He decides where we go, what we’ll do and when we will do it. Having a sugar daddy who is in charge has always worked in my favor, men in charge tend to be more generous toward me and tend to give me the most
amazing gifts on our dates.

Don’t Limit Myself: I decided when I first signed up that I needed to make sure that I reached as high as I could for a sugar daddy that would give me anything and everything that I could ever dream of. In the beginning, I also wanted to make sure that I dated several sugar daddies before I chose one to date exclusively if I found one that was worthy of having me all to himself.

The Best Features Of

The Best Features Of
1. See who’s viewed your profile. You can see what sugar daddies have viewed your profile making it even easier to be the one to message first. You already know that he was interested enough to click on your picture in your profile and see what you were all about, so send him a quick message and let him know that you’re interested too.

2. See when a sugar daddy was last online. This saves you time messaging sugar daddies who clearly aren’t online often enough to respond to your message in a timely manner. When you set out to send a message you expect and anticipate a response within a reasonable amount of time, having this feature will save you some of the stress of wondering if you’ll ever hear back from back from him.

3. Highlighted similarities. When you click on a sugar daddy’s profile the similarities that you have are immediately highlighted so that you can easily see and read them. This is a fast and efficient way for you to get through a lot of profiles quickly. If there are a significant number of similarities that pique your interest, you’ll immediately know what it is that you can say to him in that initial message that you send to hook him in.

4. Match approach is key. It’s clear from the start that is set up and thought out with the matching approach being the key element to connecting sugar babies to sugar daddies. It makes sense that when you sign up you are asked to complete a questionnaire that takes a bit of time to complete so that you get the best sugar daddies suited for you.

5. Use Facebook to sign in. This is really helpful that sign in is instantaneous. I love that I can literally just click one button and I’m immediately on the site. It’s far easier than signing in with a username and a password.

6. You’re 100% in control of your profile. You get to control who sees and doesn’t see your profile. This is unlike all other sites out there that make your information public to all members of their sites the minute you sign up. This feature is key for someone like myself who is a very private person. Being able to decide who sees my profile may just be the top reason why I initially decided to join

7. Over 2.4 Million members. MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM has been around for 15+ years making it one of the oldest (if not the oldest of its kind), successful and still running online sugar daddy dating sites. Obviously, the site works or it would have such a huge member base or still be around today.

8. Chat requests. It is easy to send out chat requests to a sugar daddy that you are interested in. This is a perfect way to make contact that is more personal since you can have a live chat which tends to speed up the vetting process since you can check each other out online. When you chat via a webcam you immediately see if there is a physical attraction on both of your parts.

9.Post first date ideas. You can post ideas that you may have for a first date on your profile so that your sugar daddy can see what level of date it is that you expect before either of you agree to the date. This takes some of the pressure away on his part and helps you to get what you want out of your first meeting with a potential sugar daddy.

10. Check to see if sent messages have been read. Another added feature that really does go a long way. It’s great to be able to see when a sugar daddy has read a message that I’ve sent to him. It tells me a few things either: a – he’s read it and hasn’t responded, which lets me know that he’s not interested so I don’t have to spend any more of my time on him or b – he hasn’t read it, which means he’s either not an active member or he must not care enough to read my message.

Tips For Using

Obviously MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM is for rich older men (sugar daddies) who are looking for young, sexy women (sugar babies) and the other way around. For me, my number one goal was to find an older man who would treat me like gold, someone who was looking to date a young attractive gal in exchange for a financial arrangement. That is EXACTLY what it is that you will get on this site. There aren’t men on the site who pretend to not know what it is that a sugar baby is looking for.

The best thing you can do to ensure you successfully find a sugar daddy that is right for you is to be as present and active on the site as you can. What that means is that you need to log on often, you need to add
up to date pictures, change and modify your profile as often as you need to and search for and send out messages to potential sugar daddies.

Don’t beat around the bush when you get onto Tell your potential sugar daddy about yourself, what you want and what you need in return. Remember that you are dating older men who have life experience so it’s okay for you to learn from him. You might be surprised that you actually have a thing or two up your sleeve to teach him. What’s great about that is that he will eat it up and enjoy every minute of it, so just roll with it, don’t read too much into it, instead have fun and enjoy it.

What I Didn’t Like About has a lot going for it, BUT if there was something that I had to pick that I didn’t like it would be that the Homepage is too busy and therefore can make searching somewhat difficult when you first join the site. Once you are a member of millionairematch for a few days and you spend some time searching for your matches, you learn
how to make the homepage work for you and then it won’t bother you anymore.


MILLIONAIREMATCH.COM truly is the superior online sugar daddy dating site! It’s been an amazingly wonderful experience using a REAL online dating site that has sugar daddies who are actually what they say they are. I’ve had so much fun these past few months that I have decided to continue my membership with, so that I can easily find a rich man who can spoil me rotten when I’m looking to be taken care of. It is great to see that there is finally a site that has given me exactly what it is that I have been searching for. I have recommended this site to a few of my girlfriends who have decided to give sugar daddy dating a whirl and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a man who you can have amazing conversations with who will really take care of you.