meet-a-sugar-daddy Simply Put Is Just Bad, Bad, Bad!

2 Is A Bad Dating Site Is A Bad Dating Site is a BAD sugar baby/sugar daddy dating site that doesn’t deliver. It shouldn’t even be a consideration when looking for a dating site. I can’t tell you enough how sorry I was that I even spent 5 minutes on this site. The site says that there are tons of sugar daddies all around the world, but that just doesn’t seem to be true. After my time on, it’s my opinion that most of the sugar daddies on the site are NOT REAL at all. I found it very difficult to actually find men to make dates with. The site has left me feeling like online dating doesn’t work and that my chances of meeting a sugar daddy (or two) are near impossible.

What To Expect

I’ve always been interested in older men, well at least for as long as I can remember, so deciding to date a sugar daddy was an easy one. I love that older men are stable both in their career and in the fact that they are already well established financially. Plus, they are so sexy with all of the confidence that they have. That being said it made sense for me to check out MEETASUGARDADDY.COM to find men to date, so I signed up and went all in with a 3 month paid membership right from the start. Have a look at how my 3-month membership worked out.

189 messages sent
24 responses
27 messages received (from men who found me first)
5 dates
0 hookups

Negative Features Of

FOREVER FOOT PRINT: I was really disappointed to learn that keeps your photos and profile up even when you decide to cancel your membership. Essentially padding their membership to look like there are more members than there actually are. It should be up to the user to decide if and when they take their own profile down. I mean we’ve all joined a site before and then just stopped using it, but if you decide that you don’t want your profile up on a site anymore it should be up to you whether or not it stays there.

TERRIBLE SECURITY I was shocked one morning when I opened up my email and saw a direct message to my personal email address from a sugar daddy who was using who I did not know. I had never given this sugar daddy my email address, which means that the site gave it to him! This proves that the site is completely insecure. When I contacted the administrators it took them forever to get back to me and they had no explanation how someone got my personal email address. (They also never apologized for this incident either).

TOO MUCH MISREPRESENTATION: It was really frustrating finding that so many of the sugar daddies on the site weren’t who they claimed to be. A few of them used pictures that were either old or not of themselves at all and then the others said that they were rich when they actually weren’t at all. The worst date I went on was when I had to pick up the tab for our dinner because he “forgot his wallet” at home, I mean, come on! A man who is trying to date a sugar baby and make a good impression isn’t going to forget his wallet at home! Needless to say, I ended the date, right after I picked up the check for dinner.

Is It Worth It?

Hell NO! Don’t even spend another second thinking about joining MEETASUGARDADDY! There are so many good sites out there that work, BUT this is NOT one of them! This site is completely fake and a scam like no other online dating site out there today! I wanted to make sure to get the word out there to save others from making the mistake of joining Do your homework before you sign up for just any sugar daddy dating site and check out these reviews here: GF4Hire Reviews.