sugar-dating-scam A Broken Site That Does Not Deliver


Don’t Waste Your Time With

Don't Waste Your Time With boasts that it’s the BEST sugar daddy dating site for sugar babies to find affairs, but you will be lucky to find a date at all here. It’s such a terrible SCAM site and that was apparent from the minute I signed up. was a site that said that it was free, but I quickly found out that to send any messages to potential sugar daddies was impossible unless I was willing to pay for a membership. The membership was expensive and it wasn’t worth it for a second. I was not nearly as successful as I was led to believe that I would be. To add to that, it also took far too long to sign up and was not user-friendly by any means. Then when I was finally all set up on the site, I found matches that were not what I was looking for at all. What To Expect

When I first found, I signed up for a free membership to see what the site was all about before I upgraded to a paid membership. I quickly found out that even the free membership wasn’t worth my valuable time or the effort that I put into making my profile and trolling for a sugar daddy to whisk me away. I was barely able to look for potential sugar daddies who would be a good match for me with my free membership, let alone send messages to these potential matches. I wasn’t ready to give up yet, so I paid for a membership to see if I would actually be able to find myself a sugar daddy that was perfect for me. Have a look at the disappointment that I was exposed to for the 3 months of membership that I paid for.

I sent 126 messages
I received 15 responses
I made 6 dates (only 4 of these showed up)
I had 1 hookup

Negative Features Of

TOO MUCH WORK TO FIND A SUGAR DADDY: I’m a young, attractive, sexy woman who is looking for an older man to take care of me. The disappointment that I felt was real. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was for me to find a sugar daddy and was even more shocked that I didn’t have tons of sugar daddies sending me messages. I thought that I would be in high demand because of my age and looks but I wasn’t and this just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

TOO MANY LIES: I should have realized far more quickly than I actually did that GETASUGARDADDY.COM wasn’t what I was led to believe it was. Most of the sugar daddies did not have pictures up on their profiles, and it became apparent after finding just a few men that most of the sugar daddies were not what they claimed to be, including rich!

JUST BECAUSE I FOUND A SUGAR DADDY ONLINE IT DOESN’T MEAN I WILL MEET HIM IN REAL LIFE: I learned in a hurry that just because I found a match online, didn’t mean that we were actually going to meet in real life. I did not receive replies from many of the men that I sent messages to. It was also difficult to actually set up a date with the men that I did get responses from and then I was even stood up twice by sugar daddies who said that they were going to come and meet me for a date and then didn’t bother to actually show up. I GOT STOOD UP! I guess I always thought that as a sugar baby I would be the one to be in control, but boy was I ever wrong about that too.

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, it isn’t worth it for you to spend your time or money on This site is not going to give you what it is that you want at all unless it’s disappointment that you’re looking for. Spare yourself the disappointment from using and instead use a dating site that is going to actually produce dates that are meaningful, fun and EXACTLY what it is that you are looking for. If you’re looking for some reviews that might be helpful check out: GF4Hire Reviews. Needless to say I cancelled my membership so that I didn’t have to spend a day over the 3 months as part of the site.