Is Being A Sugar Baby Right For You?

Why You Should Be A Sugar Baby

Why You Should Be A Sugar Baby

So, you’ve never been a sugar baby, but, you’re thinking about becoming one, but you’re not entirely sure if sugar daddy dating is right for you. Of course you should give plenty of thought before becoming one, and the following reasons just may help you out in your decision making.

Who Wants A Boring 9-5 Job?

Waitressing is boring. Working in a bank is boring. Being a nanny? Boring and hard. Most jobs are boring, let’s face it. And most jobs take up a lot of time and energy and leave you with very little in ability to devote to other pursuits. You could spend years of your life wasting away in these pointless, meaningless day jobs that sap your youth and hotness right out of you. Why do that, when instead you can spend your days focusing on looking as hot as possible, and being sexy, and you don’t need to be on your feet being treated poorly by strangers who think that you are their personal slave? Seems like a kind of obvious choice.

You Don’t Need To Ever Worry About Money

You Don't Need To Ever Worry About Money

Okay, so, this is obvious. But, it has to be an obvious factor in your decision to become a sugar baby. Do you struggle with your bills? Most people do, of course. Do you have student loan debt or are you looking to go back to school? There is no easy way to get money, but, if you are hot, and a very rich man wants you to make your money problems go away…or at least help lessen them significantly, then who doesn’t think that that sounds extremely appealing? It is!

You Will Be Treated Like A Goddess

Always, always find a sugar daddy who will treat you very well. Chances are, this will be the case if you find someone who wants to be your sugar daddy. They are looking for someone to spoil and pamper and treat well, so, take complete advantage! Can’t afford regular manicures and pedicures? Well, now you can! Want a new wardrobe? You got one! All your whims and desires will be served and tended to.

You’ll Have Great Sex (Likely)

You'll Have Great Sex (Likely)

This will vary from case to case, as all sugar daddies are not created equal, and some are not so great when it comes to skills in the sack. However, your sugar daddy, once he has you on his bankroll and on his arm, will go the extra mile to please you. He knows you are hot and not only does he appreciate that, but he also knows that other sugar daddies are eyeing you as well, so, he will want to go the extra mile to give you something to stick around for.

You Can Kick Him To The Curb At Anytime

He may control the purse strings, but, you have way more control than you realize. If you don’t like the things your sugar daddy does or says, then you call it quits anytime you like. Of course if you do plan to jump ship, then you need a backup plan. Usually that is in the form of another sugar daddy, but, if you’ve gotten one, you can catch another, no problem. If you are not happy with your sugar daddy, you can, if you are clever and sneaky, imply that you have offers that are better, and that will probably make him change his ways. If it doesn’t work, move on. Life is short, and there are plenty of sugar daddies in the sea.

If You Want To Travel, This Is Your Chance

If You Want To Travel, This Is Your Chance

Travelling the world is something everyone wants to be able to do. The freedom to pick up and take off to some exotic locale at any time is an intoxicating dream that most people will never realize. But you are not most people when you become a sugar baby. Date a rich man, and the world will become your oyster. Not only will he want to take off with you for romantic and sexy getaways, he will provide you with funds you can save up for your own vacations you can take with your friends. Why wait until you are old and grey to spend your retirement in a faraway land, when you can do it now when you are young and sexy and being provided for by an extremely wealthy man who worships the ground you walk upon? Seems like a pretty sweet option when you get right down to it.

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