What To Do When You & Your Sugar Daddy Have A Fight


What To Do When You Have A Fight With Your Sugar Daddy

Nothing in life is ever perfect, even sugar daddy dating. Even though you may do everything in your power to keep things happy and copacetic, sometimes, regardless, conflicts can arise, and you and your sugar daddy may get into arguments and spats. When this happens, you need to not panic and do some damage control. All things that smart sugar babies do need to be strategic and well thought out. You can’t always control when an argument will happens, but you can certainly diffuse the situation and make things better in the long run for both you and your sugar daddy. Follow these tips to help figure out what to do when you and your sugar daddy have an argument.

Don’t Take The Silent Treatment Route

This might work with a real boyfriend, but, with a sugar daddy, it’s a different ball game. You pull the silent act, and he will likely think that you are crazy or bitchy and want to pull the plug on you. Wait a little bit after the fight, then send a nice text saying how sorry you are, and how you want to make up. Play nice, even if he did something to really make you angry. Best to be a peacemaker.

Always Realize The Value Of Make Up Sex

When you send that text, send a sexy selfie as well too. Sex soothes everything, especially in the realm of sugar daddy dating. The sooner you can get him in the sack to show how sorry you are, the sooner everything will be back to normal and you can both forget everything and move on.

Hint That You Have A Better Offer

This is something that takes strategy and should probably be handled only by really experienced sugar babies, never by newbies to the sugar daddy dating scene. If he is a tough nut to crack and a little difficult to deal with, you can play hard ball and bluff. If your sugar daddy is really into you and fears losing you, you can absolutely try to make him jealous by hinting that there are rival sugar daddies out there who want you so bad that you can jump ship at any time. If you play it right, this will make him nervous enough that he will be putty in your hands. You don’t want to over play this though. Proceed with caution. If you pull this off, you will be a black belt sugar baby that will be a legend on the scene.

Be Pouty

Not to be confused with the silent treatment at all. This is the “I’m hurt” routine. Make your sugar daddy think he really hurt your feelings and you need extra TLC to soothe your wounds. Let him coddle you and make you feel like a princess again. You will use this only if you are experienced, otherwise, it will likely backfire. This move can totally renew his devotion to you and give you a second honeymoon stage. If you do it right, you can totally get whatever you like from the situation. Make your wish list now!

Offer A Distraction

A threesome, a great homemade dinner, a special lap dance…something nice and a little out of the blue and out of the ordinary is usually just the ticket to mend fences. Once he is happy with his surprise, he’ll totally forget whatever happened between you two. Men have short attention spans, a distraction will be a great remedy, likely.

Ignore It

You can’t always pull this off, especially if the fight was fairly big or substantial in size or subject. But, as we mentioned, men have short attention spans, so, if it was just a spat, then it is safe to usually just move on without further discussion. Likely your sugar daddy will be eager and grateful to just move on anyways. It’s not worth it to pick at that scab if it isn’t necessary.

Offer An Ultimatum

Once again, don’t do it unless you really need to and know what you are doing. But, if you feel it is necessary, say that you will walk away from the situation entirely. This should only be done under extreme circumstances, and if you have a backup plan in place. This really is just a last resort, don’t jump to it right away, no matter how annoyed you might be. It isn’t worth it to ruin your relationship if you don’t have to.

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