Things You Should Never Say To Your Sugar Daddy

Things You Should Never Say To Your Sugar Daddy

Things You Should Never Say To Your Sugar Daddy

When you have nabbed yourself a sugar daddy, you may be inclined to get comfortable with him. That’s totally natural in any relationship, especially one where you are intimate with someone. However, when it comes to sugar daddy dating, you need to keep your head in the game at all times and not get too open with your sugar daddy. Doing so can result in turning off your sugar daddy, and potentially pushing him away, which could spell disaster for you. No matter how close you feel to him, or how open he is with you, or how open and comfortable you feel with him, there are certain things you should never talk about or say. This list will help guide you in knowing what you need to keep a lid on in terms of conversation topics.

Don’t Ever Talk About Your Past Relationships

If you’ve had past sugar daddies, don’t talk about them. This will only make your sugar daddy feel insecure, likely. Also, it might paint you as someone who has a high turnover rate with regards to sugar daddies, which might make your current one feel nervous, potentially. Also past romantic relationships, of the non sugar daddy variety, should not be brought up. Even though your sugar daddy is not your proper boyfriend, no man who is involved in a sexual and romantic situation with a woman wants to hear about her past beaus. It just doesn’t make him feel good, and it also doesn’t matter with regards to your present situation.

Don’t Talk About Your Current Relationships

Don't Talk About Your Current Relationships

If you have a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or like to hook up with other people, it won’t do you any good to mention this to your sugar daddy. He doesn’t need to know, and, chances are, he doesn’t want to either. Powerful, rich men are not immune to feeling inferior, and assuming that they won’t be bothered by your talking about other partners is a mistake you shouldn’t make. Be safe with regards to your sexual health, manage your time well, and watch yourself with regards to who you talk about with your sugar daddy.

Don’t Bring Up Your Sugar Daddy’s Wife

If he has one, and he wants to talk about her, then let him. But under no circumstances should you bring her up to him. Even ex wives should be off limits in terms of conversation topics. If he is a sugar daddy, and he is married, you need to assume that his wife is a sore topic, and that things are not good between him and her. Bringing her up will spoil the fun and fantasy you are providing for him, and it will make him think twice about being around you.

Don’t Talk About His Kids If He Has Them

Don't Talk About His Kids If He Has Them

This is a totally off limits topic. If he has kids, never ever mention them or bring them up. Just like with his wife, you can assume that this is something he is trying to escape from, in a sense. When he is with you, he is looking for family free fun and fantasy, and you bringing this up bursts his bubble and bums him out. Sugar daddy dating isn’t about bringing stressful aspects into the mix, so don’t.

Don’t Talk About The Boring Details Of Your Life

He isn’t your boyfriend, so don’t feel like you need to, or should tell him about all the mundane details of your existence. He isn’t interested and isn’t dating you to hear all that stuff, so, don’t bring it up. He is with you for fun escapism, and you should treat your time with him in the same manner and not bring your reality to the table. Treat sugar daddy dating as an opportunity for pure fun and frivolity, it will serve both of you well to adapt that attitude to the situation.

Don’t Talk About Your Problems With Him

Don't Talk About Your Problems With Him

You should never treat him as a therapist. Family issues, personal demons, problems with friends and other such topics should be totally off the table in every way. He won’t ever want to think of you as a troubled girl who needs to vent to him. Also, it’s a major buzz kill. It might seem unfortunate or difficult to have to keep a lid on this sort of stuff, but, sugar daddy dating is about discipline and strategy as much as it is about fun. You need to find that balance.

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