What To Look For When You Choose Your Sugar Daddy

Things To Consider When Picking A Sugar Daddy

Most people consider sugar daddy dating to be something where the sugar baby has little say or control. After all, a sugar baby relies on her sugar daddy for her financial security, he is more powerful and richer than her, otherwise, she would never be his sugar baby, right? This idea is, in some ways, true, in others, most certainly not. Yeah, you rely on him for financial security, but, you call the shots more than you might realize. One of those ways you call the shots is selecting your sugar daddy. This is one of the absolute most important ways you assert your power and secure your future and your safety. Get too hasty in your selection, and you will be sorry in many ways, potentially. This is a business decision that you are making, so, don’t be careless in the least. You must consider several factors before allowing someone to be your sugar daddy. Follow these tips to pick the best one for you.

Is He Into Weird Sexual Practices?

Make sure you find this out ahead of time. If he is into things you aren’t familiar with, than this may be a problem. This could potentially spell trouble for your sexual chemistry, but it can also spell trouble for your safety in the long run. You don’t want a powerful man who is into weird sexual stuff you don’t have any experience with lording over your life. Sometimes kinky guys are controlling and they don’t know when to put the brakes on. The last thing you need is someone who has little to no sexual boundaries in your life, supplying you your livelihood on top of everything else.

Does He Want To Control Your Life?

If he wants to give you money on the condition that you do anything and everything that he says, run for the hills. If the money he gives you comes with controlling conditions such as him telling you what to wear, or picking out your shoes or telling you how to wear your hair, then don’t invite this man into your life. Sure, he’ll give you money, but the expense on you will be much, much too high. He will run you ragged and wear you down with his demands. He will push your sanity to the brink. Chance are, the reason he is like this is because he feels powerless at home. Maybe his wife is super controlling or nagging. If this is the case, he is using you to take his power back. You do not want to get caught up in that psychological madness. You aren’t a sugar baby to be your sugar daddy’s therapist.

Make Sure The Wife Isn’t Crazy

Make Sure The Wife Isn't Crazy

Speaking of wives, don’t discount his, if he has one. Find out who she is, and do some research. Everyone leaves a digital trail now. Find her social media accounts and do a little snooping. This is all just fact gathering going into making your business decision to become a sugar baby. If anything strange comes up in what you find, then scrutinize it. Ask him questions about her, about how she acts. If you discover she is petty, vindictive, nasty or in any way unpleasant, then it might be better to steer clear. You do not under any circumstances want to deal with a crazy wife if she finds out.

Does He Have Problems With Alcohol And Drugs?

Sometimes this isn’t obvious right away, but observe what he is like when he drinks. Go out for some late night party fun, and consider it a test drive test run to see how he behaves when he’s let off the chain so to speak. If he drinks to excess, watch what he is like. Does he rant and rave, does he get into fights with people? Does he mention drugs and insist on using them? One big red flag for people who have drug problems is that they insist that you get messed up with them or else they get annoyed or feel insulted. If he acts like this, then, stay away.

Does He Brag About Screwing People Over?

Does He Brag About Screwing People Over?

Another big, big red flag is if he boasts about harming people. Not necessarily physically, although that is beyond worrisome, but studies have shown that sociopaths engage in this type of behavior. Don’t ever let a sociopath-a person with no conscience, essentially- into your life, no matter how rich they might be.

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