Tricks To Lure Your Sugar Daddy Away From His Wife

Make Your Sugar Daddy Leave His Wife

Sugar daddy dating is a lot of fun. You never need to worry about how to pay your bills, and you get pampered and worshipped by a powerful rich man who treats you like you are the hottest thing on Earth. What isn’t to love? Say you are getting older, or you think that you’ve got a seriously good thing going on with your current sugar daddy. You get along well, he’s been consistent and the drama is low, or, even better, non existent. If things have been going along at a decent pace for a while, then maybe, just maybe you can consider taking the leap and going from sweet little sugar baby to sparkling, gleaming trophy wife. There’s just one thing standing in the way: his wife. You need to get her out of the picture in order for him to marry you, and you need to be strategic when doing this. One false move and it will all go up in smoke and you’ll be left in the dust, wondering where your ring is. If you want your sugar daddy to leave his wife and replace her with you, here are some tips you should absolutely follow if you want him to call his divorce lawyer ASAP.

Don’t Ever, Ever, Suggest Divorce

This has to totally be his choice. If you bring it up, he will think you are crazy and trying to get your claws into him, and he will get nervous and likely drop you pretty quickly. You have to snag him through your actions and through you continuing to give him reasons to drop his wife. Even if you get frustrated, you need to hold back and hold your tongue. If you do everything right, you’ll never need to ask, ever.

Listen To What He Dislikes About Her, Do The Opposite

Listen To What He Dislikes About Her, Do The Opposite

Chances are he will complain about her to you. If you want to be a trophy wife, you need to pay attention. Don’t just nod and tilt your head, and pretend to listen, you need to absorb the information and take it all in. Make mental notes and save it for later. You need to prove to him that you are the anti her, whoever she is. You need to show him that not only are you hot, and sexually adventurous, but you need to also show that you are everything he wishes his wife was. If you prove that you are the better alternative, he will for sure at least consider seriously you as his new wifey.

It’s The Little Things That Count

Just like you need to pay attention to what he hates about his wife, you need to pay attention to all his likes and dislikes in general. If he likes a certain kind of music, or a certain band, suggest you go see them together the next time they are in town. Send him Youtube links of songs he might like, or things you know he will find funny. Pick up a book by his favorite author. Show him that you are paying attention, and applying that attention to action, and he will be impressed. He isn’t used to a woman paying attention to him like this, and it will be thrilling for him to have a hot young woman taking notice of him in a deeper way.

Don’t Show Any Instability

Don't Show Any Instability

Having a bad day? Feeling annoyed, or have bad PMS? Too bad, so sad for you. Maybe that sounds harsh, but, if you are serious about making him leave his wife, you need to not be volatile or unstable in any way, shape or form. He will under no circumstances consider you as wife material if you freak him out or scare him in any way. This isn’t a normal relationship. You can’t just cry to him about all your problems like you would with a normal, poor boyfriend who is just grateful that you will have sex with him. This is a rich man who has you on lock, so, you need to not prove that you are broken merchandise that he wants to return to the store, or dump by the wayside. Keep it together. It’s worth it.

Be A Tiger In Bed

Maybe this goes without saying, but, you need to really, really be on the ball when it comes to being awesome in bed if you want him to marry you. Keep things fresh and new and exciting.

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