Tips A Sugar Baby Should Know To Keep Her Sugar Daddy

Keeping Your Sugar Daddy From Straying

So, you’ve got yourself your sugar daddy. He adores you, is generous in all the ways sugar daddies need to be, and everything is peachy keen and coming up roses. Smooth sailing from here on in, right? Now you can just sit back and relax, and reap all the various rewards that come from being a red hot sugar baby. If this is your attitude, you’ll be pretty much guaranteed that your sugar daddy is gonna drop you inno time at all. You’ll be left in the dust, with your head spinning, a mountain of bills to pay and no source of income to pay them off.

Just because you have snagged yourself a daddy, you by no means have him on lock. The real work starts now. Real,true blue sugar babies work hard to keep a good, or great thing going and never, ever rest on their laurels. They never get lazy or take anything for granted. If you want to be the best sugar baby that there ever was, and totally, completely blow your daddies mind and make him never ever stray from you, then follow these sure fire tips to put that daddy on lock once and for all.

You Are Not His Wife, Don’t Be One

You Are Not His Wife, Don't Be One

Likely he has a wife, and likely, he really dislikes her. Listen to him when he complains about her, about her habits and behaviors. Make a mental note of all the things that he tells you, and make sure that you not only never do them, but that you do the exact opposite if you can. If you resemble his wife in any way, shape or form, he will drop you soooo fast, you will not know what happened.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

Oh, you’ve got yourself a sweet sugar daddy and think that you can just skip the gym, eat whatever you like, and not worry too much about pesky things like showering or wearing makeup? Girl, you could not be more wrong. Now is the time for constant upkeep. Make sure you always look hot and ready for him to take out onto the town and show off. Glamour is a full time commitment now, you must not slack off, any way, shape or form.

Keep The Bedroom Game On Point At All Times

Keep The Bedroom Game On Point At All Times

Looking hot at all times is a must, but so is acting hot. You are a full time fantasy girl right now, you need to behave as such. This means that you can never really have sex the same way twice. You have to mix it up, there is just no way around it. He’s with you because he’s expecting something great and exciting. He’s paying for it, after all, you need to bring your A game every single time. A great sex tip for sugar babies is to imagine that you are a different character every single time you have sex. Sometimes you are a sexy dominatrix, other times, a demure, virginal, yet willing sex pot. Imagine you are a different woman and you will embody that woman sexually. This way, your sugar daddy will be so thrilled and excited, he will keep coming back for more.

Be Someone He Can Open Up To

You are not his therapist, or, God forbid, his wife, but you still need to be there for him emotionally. He probably doesn’t have anyone, or at least not many people he can open up to, which is one of the reasons he is paying you to be his sweet little baby. You need to mix up the sweet and the saucy. Be someone he can open up to, but also be someone he can have great, mind blowing sex with. This combination is completely irresistible , and will have him coming back to you again and again. Just let him open up to you about his worries, anxieties, and insecurities, and he’ll practically become your love slave.

Be Unavailable, But Just Slightly

Be Unavailable, But Just Slightly

It’s well known that men cannot resist the chase. They love having to pursue a woman. There are few things more exciting to a man than having to woo a woman. Especially if your sugar daddy is older, this will especially be thrilling since he probably hasn’t had the chance to woo a woman in a while. Just because he has you as his baby, you should still make yourself ever so slightly out of reach. Make him sweat a little bit.

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