Is Your Sugar Daddy Falling In Love With You?

How To Tell If Your Sugar Daddy Is Falling In Love With You

Your sugar daddy wants you. He thinks you are hot as Hell, he loves to spoil you rotten (but knows that you are still sweet). You have a good time and actually enjoy being around one another. You’re set in terms of money, and he seems happy to be around a hottie like you that he can shower with adoration and great presents. Everything is great. Say everything is great, or seems that way, except…your sugar daddy maybe changes. He wants to see you more, he can’t seem to stop messaging you. He looks at you with something really intense in his eyes. Could he possibly be in love with you? For some sugar babies , this might be a dream come true. Maybe you want him to love you. Maybe you love him back. Maybe you want to graduate to trophy wife, and if so, then this is a great stepping stone. Or maybe this idea is a total disaster for you. Whatever the case, it’s best to know whether or not your sugar daddy is actually exhibiting behavior that says he loves you or not. Take a look at these tips to know one way or another if that is what is happening.

He Says How Much He Likes You

Men often use the “like” “L” word before using the big “L” word, love. They use that as a way to sort of warm up for the big moment they profess their love for you. If he often says how much he likes you, or likes being around you, or likes certain things you do together, then chances are that if he doesn’t already love you, he will pretty soon. Pay attention to what he says and how he says it. If he drops the little “L” word a lot, the big one is totally coming. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

He Messages You…a Lot

When a guy really likes a girl, and wants her to be an important part of his life, he makes her an important part of his life. The way he does this is usually by talking to you all day, or trying to. He texts her, calls her, checks in, asks what she is up to, and tells her all about what is currently going on in his life at that exact moment. If your sugar daddy is doing this, then he is falling for you pretty hard, and you need to be aware of that because it will only get more intense. If he is doing this, you really need to be aware and figure out if it’s a good or bad thing and what you need to do next.

He Seems Jealous Of Other Men

As a sugar baby, sugar daddies know what is up and what time it is in regards to the situation. You’re hot, they know that they need to pay you to be around them, so, likely they know that other men want you, and that they are simply the highest bidder. They are usually older and pretty powerful, and not to mention rich, so, being jealous is not their thing, typically. If they seem jealous of men looking at you, or the simple mention of past relationships, then that means that they are more attached to you then you possibly realize. Men get jealous because they perceive a woman as being theirs, as belonging to them. They want you to belong to them when they love you, or at least like you a great deal. If he gets possessive, it could be a big problem. Some people fall in love very easily, and some people get very possessive and jealous when they fall in love, and it can be terribly annoying for the object of their affection…especially if they don’t feel the same way.

They Seem To Mention The Future A Lot

They maybe aren’t talking about marrying you, but, their plans seem pretty long term. If they want to go on vacation several months from now, then that is a good indication that they have ideas about you that are beyond a sugar daddy dating relationship. Sugar daddy dating relies a lot on spontaneity, and if they are mentioning doing things with you that are more than a week away, then that is a sign that they have long term thoughts with you as the center of them. Pay attention to this sort of talk, always.

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