How To Keep Your Sugar Daddy Happy

How To Impress Your Sugar Daddy

Dating a sugar daddy can be very exciting. Having a naughty little secret can be very fun and can open up many different possibilities in terms of sexual exploration. If you have landed a sugar daddy as your lover, take advantage and be the sexy little minx he loves to keep in his back pocket. Keep things interesting and spicy between you two by always surprising him. Need some ideas? Try some of the following to ensure you’ll have him begging for more! You don’t ever need to do things you just aren’t comfortable with, but trying new things is very exciting.

Take A Lap Dance Class

These are offered at dance studios, or anywhere that they offer pole dancing classes. What better way to surprise your lover than to sit him in a chair, dim the lights, and then fire up a sexy track while he watches you seductively, expertly peel off for him? It’s an amazing form of foreplay. Take a friend (or two) to these classes, and you can both learn the art of the bump and grind together. If you are feeling especially saucy, then you can take your man to an actual strip club. Find a higher end “gentleman’s” club, dress in something hot, and treat him to a lapdance done by a pro. Don’t worry about not fitting in. Strip clubs are very welcoming to women, especially couples. Some places even offer couples lapdances! Give it a shot for an adventurous, sexy evening sure to turn you both on.

Send Him A Link To An Adult Video Clip

Not all women watch porn, but plenty do….and almost all men watch porn online. Do some perusing, and find yourself a clip you like. Don’t know where to start? Just go to any old search engine, and type in what you would like to see sexually, say for example “oral sex” followed by the word “porn” . From there, you just need to review what comes up until you find something that turns you on. Or ask your man who his favourite porn star is, if he has one, and find a scene featuring them. Send the link to your man. Or surprise him the next time you are together by playing it for him.

Take A Sexy Selfie

This doesn’t have to be too graphic. Just put on something sexy , or buy something new and hot, and take a selfie modelling it for him. Send it with a cute message about how you can’t wait to see him next. Pick a time of day when you know he won’t be expecting to get a message like this…say at lunch, or when he’s on his way to work.

BDSM, Or Bondage

Okay, so, not everyone is into this. But, if you have no experience and you and your sugar daddy are interested, there are many ways you can safely explore. Find a local fetish night in your area and check it out , just be careful not to get caught. Watch adult videos online for a little inspiration. If you are feeling adventurous, make an appointment with a local dominatrix. The point of their job is to be discreet, so feel free to be honest and open. These sexy ladies will help guide you through the basics of BDSM and beyond! Or, go to your local sex store and buy some books on the topic of kinky sex…or even some DVDs you and your lover can watch together.


This can be a very fun way to explore and play out your fantasies. They can be as simple as arranging to meet up at a local bar and pretending to be strangers…who then go for a sexy tryst in the bathroom. Once again, you can visit your sex store for a sexy outfit that fits the scenario you would like to play out…dirty nurse, naughty cop, sadistic teacher….whatever excites you. You can also use inspiration from your favorite movies or books to jumpstart your fantasies.

Public Sex

This isn’t for everyone, obviously, but, you would be amazed at how many men are into this. As their confidence grows with age, oftentimes, their need for exhibitionism does as well.You will need to be careful, of course. Try to see how many places you can pull it off without getting caught. The challenge adds an air of excitement. Bathrooms, taxi’s movie theatres, dark corners are everywhere and are just begging to be found and used.

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