Help To Ensure Your Sugar Daddy Doesn't Get Caught

Help Your Sugar Daddy Not Get Caught

Rich men are usually smart men. And girls who date them should be smart too. However, rich men can also sometimes be careless men when it comes to the sexy sugar baby they have in their life. If you’re pulling it off right, then he should be all over you, wanting you day and night and showering you with gifts and making your wildest dreams come true. The only problem with this is that, if he is married, and if his wife doesn’t know about you (chances are she doesn’t), then the stakes are much higher that he could get himself caught, and that means trouble for you. If he gets busted by his wife, then that will likely be the end of your mean ticket and, possibly a nasty confrontation from the missus. Just because your sugar daddy is great at making tons of money does not mean he always keeps his head when it comes to matters of the heart…or sheets and pocketbook, in your case. As a good sugar baby, you should keep this in mind and take precautions that will help him not get busted.

Ditch Your Perfume

Ditch Your Perfume

That intoxicating scent that you love to have waft off your hot body will be prime evidence that will get his wife very suspicious. Especially if you wear a lot of it, or it is very distinct. You can’t trust entirely that he will change his clothes and shower off your scent after he has seen you. You need to now use unscented soaps and body washes, deodorants and body lotions. If you must use a scent, pick a man’s, or find out what your sugar daddy uses and use that one. You might think that this seems unfair, but, hey, if you want to stay in the sugar daddy dating game and reap the benefits, then you need to make adjustments. You can wear whatever perfume you like when you’re hanging out with your girlfriends on an expensive vacation funded by your sugar daddy.

Don’t Do Any Sex Activity That Leaves Marks

You might think that it’s sexy when you sink your teeth into your sugar daddies neck, and likely he will love it, but, likely it will also leave tell tale marks that will get both of you busted. No nail scratches or hickeys, or weird marks of any kind. If your sugar daddy is kinky and likes to be tied up, then use silk ties, not rope. Use silky, soft objects to tease his body, rather than rougher things that can potentially leave marks that will halt your gravy train. Go sensual when going sexy. Be mindful always of this.

Ask Upfront About Sending Texts And Messages

Ask Upfront About Sending Texts And Messages

Right when you start your affair with your sugar daddy, ask how you will be communicating. Likely you will be using different methods, and text message will be one of them. Sending him sexy texts will keep him excited, but, if he is careless with his phone, then, he could very well get caught. Bring this up to him, and he will keep this in mind. Perhaps he will get a separate phone just for you, or will put a fake name in his phone with your number (a man’s name, most likely) Ask if you can send pictures. Just asking these questions will get him thinking about how he can cover his tracks.Without realizing it, you’ll be helping him out. And that will help him.

Become Aware Of His Schedule

If you try to seduce him during a time when he is supposed to be having a family dinner, then, he will have a hard time refusing you, but, you will be putting him in an awkward position and also potentially ruining a good thing for yourself. Always ask when the ideal time is to communicate. If he has kids, you will need to be mindful of events that they have. If he is married, then figure out how often she is around, what she likes to do, and how nosy she may be. Without realizing it. You’ll be protecting both you and your sugar daddy. Only good can come from your efforts.

Make Sure Your Sugar Daddy Isn’t Obsessed

Make Sure Your Sugar Daddy Isn't Obsessed

An obsessed man is a reckless man. If he shows signs of neediness or obsessive behavior, then quietly start looking for another sugar daddy. This one you have is a loose cannon who will blast a hole through your plans.

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