Can You Be A Sugar Baby If You Aren’t Attractive?

Can You Be A Sugar Baby If You Aren’t Attractive?

Everyone imagines sugar babies to be super hot women. Obviously, a rich man would not want to waste his time or hard earned money on anyone who is less than that. But, is it possible to be a sugar baby and not be a natural born perfect “10”? The answer…yes! There are really no ugly women in the world, only women who don’t want to try hard enough. Every woman should have the opportunity to be a sugar baby and get spoiled by a rich man. Some women just need to go the extra mile to get to a place where a rich man would want them as their sugar baby. All women, regardless of what they look like naturally, need to put in some work to look as hot as possible. Super hot women still need to shave, and get their hair done, and get their nails manicured. None of that is given to them by nature alone. If you feel like you are not the hottest girl on the block, but you would still like to be a sugar baby, then have no fear….it can still be accomplished, no problem. Follow our advice to achieve your sugar baby status, regardless of what Mother Nature gave you.

Diet And Exercise

You can have a totally bangin’ body even if you don’t have the prettiest face. The way to achieve it is through a great diet and regular exercise. The best way to achieve this is through getting yourself a personal trainer. Don’t worry if you can’t afford one, most gyms offer fairly cheap memberships. Just be very specific in telling your trainer what you want out of your sessions. Eventually, you can jump ship and do your own thing. Developing discipline is crucial for your future as a sugar baby. It may be tough sticking to a diet and pushing yourself through a exercise routine, but it will be worth it for your long term future.

Learn All About Makeup

Nowadays, anyone can totally change their face, and they don’t need plastic surgery to do it. All you need is some great makeup brands, some Youtube tutorials, and some willpower. You need to practice, practice, practice, all the time to get your technique down. The best thing for you to learn is contouring. None other than Kim Kardashian relies on contouring as her big beauty secret. There are plenty of tutorials online as well as books you can get to teach yourself how to do this on your own. It’s totally up to you to maintain this. You should invest in products that will keep your makeup in place at all times.

Take Good Care Of Your Skin

Makeup will take you so far, and can work wonders, but having great skin is still a major must. Never ever, forget to wash your face every night. Invest in good products. Never skimp on or forget sunscreen. See a facialist or a dermatologist to deal with any skin problems like acne.

Get Your Hair Did Right, Girl

Go to a professional stylist and get your crowning glory done right. Figure out from your stylist how to care for your hair so that it always looks its absolute best. It may seem like a big thing, but, if your hair is a hot mess, then no amount of makeup or great clothes will make a difference.

Have Confidence

Confidence is the key to sexiness. Attractive people project a certain air of confidence that is compelling to anyone in their presence. Sure, if you are hot, you’ll catch someone’s eye, but keeping them interested, you need something extra. You need to be captivating and sexy in ways that go beyond skin deep to truly lure someone to you. Being confident and projecting the air that you know you are someone who is worth spending time with will draw people to you like a moth to a flame.

Don’t Overlook Accessories

Jewelry, nice clothes, a great handbag and shoes…it’s the details. Looking put together is appealing to people, and subconsciously that aesthetic appeal draws people to you and makes them think that you are sexy. When you are put together, you feel better and therefore act sexier.

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Awesome

No accessories in the world can make up for a messed up grill. Go see a dentist, and though it is expensive, get your teeth fixed. If you want to be a sugar baby, it is an absolute must.

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